A Pumping Game Changer 💦

Join us with Adriana Vazquez, Co-Founder & CEO of Lilu, an innovative company creating a more comfortable way to pump for your little one with a gentle & effective massaging bra! 

Meet Adriana!

Building a brand that makes it easier for mothers to pump & feed their little one. 

  • Where it all started - Adriana started with research on how technology can be used to make pumping easier. When interviewing & surveying pumping mothers she found one primary pain point was if they were producing enough milk to nourish their baby!
  • Asking the experts - Adriana then partnered with lactation consultants on how to solve pumping problems mothers are facing!
  • Rediscovering & relearning how to breastfeed - shifting from a formula fed generation to mixed feeding with breast milk, Adriana created Lilu to lower the stress and anxiety around breastfeeding by making a better pumping bra that works with your body and helps produce breast milk more efficiently:
    • Standard breast pumps often do not provide the compression that is recommended by lactation experts while only providing suction. Because pumps don’t mimic breast compressions, many moms end up having to supplement their pumping sessions with breast massage, making the entire process much more complicated and difficult than it needs to be.

The Magic Inside the Bra

  • Massage Cushions - Perfectly mimics massage motions recommended by lactation experts.
  • Rechargeable Controller - Turns the massage on and off and adjusts massage levels.
  • Hands-free bra - Best bottle support; wear it alone or clip it onto your nursing bra. Here’s a guide on how to pick the right size & order the Lilu Massaging Bra!

Massage Can Make Such a Big Difference?

Breast massage is a method that puts pressure on the milk glands, causing them to release more milk and increase milk flow. By gently squeezing their breasts, moms are able to pump more successfully.

  • Health benefits for Mom
    • Alleviate engorgement & eliminate pain - the Lilu bra prevents clogged ducts & mastitis
    • Healthier milk - Pumping with breast massage: emptying the best better, then creating milk that is richer in fats and nutrients 
      • With many breast pumps, you're not emptying the breasts properly and only about half, not triggering the next cycle of breast production 
    • More efficient - on average moms expressed 1-2 ounces more every pump session.
    • Hands-free for busy moms & moms of multiples - giving back your autonomy 
      • The first hands-free pumping bra that mimics breast massage to help you express more milk in less time. So you can spend more time with your baby and, most importantly, you.

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October 23, 2021 — Tipo Support Team