Ask a Specialist: Maternal Health at Your Fingertips!

Join us today with Jamie Kreiter, the founder, and CEO of Nurture Therapy, a group practice that provides support to women throughout all stages of their pregnancy journey- from family planning to postpartum! 

Meet Jamie!

  • As Jamie likes to say, she was born a therapist! She’s always had a passion for helping people, which led her to where she is now.
  • Jamie’s journey started when she was doing OB social work in a hospital, which introduced her to the struggles that moms experience throughout their pregnancy journey. 
  • She opened her group practice with the hope of providing moms with the support that they were struggling to find elsewhere!

The Beginning of Nurture Therapy

  • Jamie opened Nurture Therapy in NYC originally, but later moved to Chicago when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter! As a mom, Jamie is able to bring a different level of empathy to her work.
  • When she was looking for someone to take over her maternity leave, Nurture Therapy grew to become a group practice. 

Eliminating Expectations 

  • Jamie and her coworkers have noticed a lot of alignment with the stress around breastfeeding and perinatal depression/anxiety.
  • Often, when a mom is committed to breastfeeding before giving birth, and then it doesn’t work out as well as planned, she will experience depression or anxiety due to the hormonal changes such as reduced oxytocin when lacking skin to skin with latching. 
  • The Natural Nipple is working toward a similar goal as Nurture Therapy- providing moms with support and guidance through a confusing and difficult time in their life. Breastfeeding can be a long and difficult journey and with our data-driven infant feeding solution, we hope to eliminate the stress that can be associated with nursing!
  • Creating a seamless transition from breast to bottle makes it easier for parents to extend their breastfeeding journey while providing in-home, holistic tele-health support.  
  • Our comprehensive primary care triage allows us to refer to the therapists at Nurture Therapy when it is a fit. Their pressure-free approach is client-centered, acknowledging every feeding journey is unique and meeting parents where they are at. 

Healthy and Happy Moms Raise Healthy and Happy Babies 

  • Nurture Therapy’s mission is to support women and their families through all parts of the reproductive journey and strives to help moms learn how to take care of their loved ones while providing the same love and care to themselves.
  • Engaging in small acts of self-care throughout the day can go a long way!

Normalizing Therapy

  • Being a mom is difficult- from fertility struggles to postpartum depression, we know how hard you’re working to support your family.
  • Going to therapy doesn’t need to be something you're ashamed of, with everything you face each day as a mom,  asking for help is okay!

How it Works

  • Call- Jamie will lead the initial phone call with the client and figure out where they need the most support.
  • Schedule- She will then add the mom to one of her therapists’ schedules who she believes will be the most effective to the given situation.
  • Virtual visit in < 3 weeks- At this time, Nurture Therapy has managed to make waitlists obsolete! When you are going through a difficult time, you and your baby deserve escalated care. We are so grateful to be collaborating with them as a resource for new and expecting families.  

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July 26, 2021 — Tipo Support Team