Building Bonds Through Storybook 💤

Join us with Francisco Cornejo, the Co-Founder & CEO of The Storybook app! Storybook helps your little one fall asleep, ease discomfort & connect with them via massages, stories, and music! 

Meet Francisco!

  • A father of two - he and his wife came up with the idea of Storybook about five years ago after struggling to get their own children to sleep as infants & toddlers and saw it as an opportunity to take 5 minutes daily for presence, touch, and story.
  • When Fransisco’s wife, Daniela, was studying infant massage, she began trying it on her own children and was amazed at the benefits. Not only were her kids getting to sleep faster, but she noticed a great reduction in colic and respiratory issues!

About the App: Helping Kids Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep 

 Storybook is a screen-free app which combines guided infant massages, narrated bedtime stories, and relaxing music to help parents get their children to relax, fall asleep and enjoy a bonding moment. It is endorsed by The Family Sleep Institute and early studies have shown improvement in sleep latency, sleep quality, and parent-child bonding.   

  • We learned they offer more than 60 fun stories to choose from, and a unique massage paired with each one- musical, reflexology, meditation, relaxation!
  • You can make customizable profiles created for your child according to their needs & likes. Simply select a story, follow the massage instructions on your screen, and watch your little one drift to sleep 4 times faster. 

Physical Benefits of the App

  1. Gut Health- stimulate the digestive system, eliminating abdominal pain & gas.
  2. Eliminate muscle pain naturally 
  3. Stimulate their respiratory system
  4. Development is key- avoid fatigue & improve the motor system 

Emotional Benefits

  1. Promote deep sleep & reduce nightmares 
  2. Reduce stress in you & your child. 
  3. Increase and strengthen your child's self-esteem & efficiency.
  4. Improve mood & home environment.
  • Pandemic problems- Many children have reported experiencing self-confidence issues, uncertainty, and anxiety since the pandemic began. 
  • In the last year and a half, the rate of anxiety in children has heightened- dedicating ten minutes of your day to your child before bed is an amazing way to connect with them and soothe them to sleep.
  • Success rate- Families have become 89% more connected since using Storybook and 80% of children sleep better!

What Makes Storybooks Different?

The most important thing when using Storybook is to create a relaxing and distraction-free environment where parents and kids can be comfortable. Dimmed lights and no noise help a lot.

  • In comparison to other anxiety-soothing apps, Storybook is different. There is no screen-time required, and the experience emphasizes bonding.
  • Take 10 - By dedicating just a couple of minutes per night to your child, many parents feel grateful for how much closer they’ve become. 
  • Recommended by experts- backed by companies like the Family Sleep Institute!
    • “The Storybook app helps families simplify the bedtime routine process and makes evenings calming and enjoyable for parents and children [..] it’s a win-win!.”- Becky Roosevelt, Vice President of Family Sleep Institute 
    • “The Storybook app helps parents create a consistent bedtime routine that is easy to incorporate into their evening so families can connect…” - Deborah Pedrick, Founder & President of the Family Sleep Institute

To download the app from the App Store, click here!

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September 25, 2021 — Tipo Support Team