Creating Quality Breastmilk 🍼

Join us this week with Krista Maas de Villiers, the founder and CEO of Nunona, Nutrition for Breastfeeding. We’ll discuss the importance of your diet during and after pregnancy to create better quality breastmilk!

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What is Nunona

  • Nunona was founded by Krista Maas de Villiers, a mom who wanted to find the solution to better quality breast milk!
  • Nunona makes nutrition easy! These plant-based, nutrient-dense protein balls provide mamas with the energy they need to get through long days. 
  • Diet during and after pregnancy affects breast milk, so ensuring you’re nourishing  your body sufficiently is SO important!

So Many Benefits!

  • With ingredients like flaxseed, nut butters, and dates, Mama Balls reduce postprandial glycemic and insulinaemic responses. 
  • The Mama Balls are full of healthy fats that help you stay full longer, leading to better diet decisions! 
  • Nunona is helping improve the health of the next generation; not only do the Mama Balls benefit you, but your breastmilk will be the highest quality for your baby, as well!

Nunona is Meeting the Needs of the Modern Mom!

  • The convenience of the “pill” like packaging makes it easy to incorporate more nutrients into your diet. 
  • Food is medicine! Focusing on nourishing your body with plant-based, whole food is just as important as daily medications!
  • Mama Balls don’t require any prep, so you’re able to provide your body with healthy ingredients no matter where you are!

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May 10, 2021 — Tipo Support Team