Demystifying the M Word 🔮

Join us this week with Ann Garnier, Founder & CEO of Lisa Health, as we discuss the challenges women face during menopause & how we are “Demystifying the M Word”. 

  • What is Lisa Heath?
      1. Lisa Health is using technology, science, and community to empower women to thrive on their menopause journey and beyond. Ann has worked in healthcare her whole life and is now helping women everywhere as they enter this new phase of their life. Lisa Health provides a curated set of resources to women who are entering menopause that will directly help their needs.
  • The “M” Word
      1. What happens during menopause? A woman's ovaries stop producing as much of the hormone estrogen & no longer release an egg a month.
      2. What Causes it? A change in the balance of the body’s sex hormones, which occurs as you get older.
      3. Early Onset- as soon as the placenta comes out, levels of estrogen & progesterone plummet to perimenopause levels within 24 hours after giving birth, it can take a number of months to recover. 
  • A Women’s Main Concern?
      1. Unlike a first period or preparing for a  baby, women can be completely blindsided when it comes to menopause.
      2. Women are often not taught to look for signs & symptoms they’ll face and are not equipped on how to handle the onset of menopause. 
      3. Signs to look for:
        1. Hot Flashes 
        2. A change in your period 
        3. Trouble with sleep
        4. Lower sex drive 
        5. Mood changes
  • Breastfeeding Helps!
      1. The longer your breastfeeding journey, the lower the risk of the early onset of menopause!
      2. Delays ovulation!
  • Tips for Women Entering Menopause 
      1. It is not selfish to make time for selfcare- delegate responsibilities so that you have enough time for what makes you happy!
      2. Protective factors 
        1. Eat dark green & bright colored fruits 
        2. Supplement with Vitamin D & Flaxseed 
        3. Screening- do a monthly exam yourself & clinical exam annually

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    March 09, 2021 — Kaleigh Del Giudice