Exceptional Childcare for All Situations 😍

Join us today with Yi-Hsian Godfrey, the CEO and co-founder of Apiari! Apiari makes it easy to find reliable childcare for any situation, whether you need a one-time sitter or an overnight nanny, Apiari has you covered!

Meet Yi-Hsian!

  • Yi-Hsian founded Apiari with her friend Ming after experiencing their own struggles finding childcare and housekeeping help.
  • They faced many challenges finding the right person to help out around their house as well as with their children.
  • One day, they spent over 20 hours on other childcare websites with no luck so Yi-Hsian soon figured out how to make childcare simple, accessible, and safe! 

Finding the Right Childcare for You:

  • Based in New York, Apiari currently provides childcare and housekeeping for the NYC area, with plans to expand to surrounding areas this year.
  • No Upfront Fees- Many parents struggle to find the right sitter for their kids, and childcare websites often require a monthly subscription fee just to look for one. We loved hosting Apiari because they're:
    • Convenient- Apiari has made it easy to find a sitter for any occasion in less than 5 minutes. They take care of you from start to finish with curated matches, interviews, booking & payment!
    • Over 1300 families have cut down 90% of the time they spend on finding and managing help by using Apiari.
    • Specialized in part-time care, while also offering full-time providers if needed!
    • Providing Peace of Mind- An application is required to become a provider as well as a background check and only around 5% of applicants are accepted as sitters so you know you can feel assured the care you're getting is qualified.

Services Offered

  • Night Nannies - night options include help with sleep training, basic lactation assistance, umbilical cord/circumcision care, general newborn care and postpartum maternal! All of the night nannies have over 5 years of newborn care experience and are CPR certified. Nightly sessions can run as short as 8 hours to as long as 24 hours.
  • Part-time & full-time sitters - these sitters have all worked with kids of the same ages as your kids, are okay to work with families with dogs and/or cat, have the availability to meet your scheduling needs, are ranked by a slew of past performance and other internal metrics!
  • Enrichment leaders - Get support for remote learning, after-school and summer activities in the comfort of your own home. These services include booking as many or as few hours as you need as well as mixing and matching lessons.

How it Works 

  • On their website simply select “Get Started.”
  • An automated system will provide you with questions so they know as much about your needs as possible!
  • After determining when you will need the service, how often, what you would like done, Apiari matches you with providers!
  • Unlike many other childcare websites, Apiari doesn’t give you thousands of options to choose from. They provide you with the most specific sitters who will be the best fit for you & your lifestyle!
  • All providers must have several years of professional experience and are monitored after every job so you always know your children will be safe!

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September 06, 2021 — Tipo Support Team