Fertility Tracking Reimagined

Join us today with Sylvia Kang, founder and CEO of Mira Care, the fertility tracker that connects to your phone! 

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What is MiraFertility?

  • After watching a close friend struggle to conceive her first child, she realized that many women go through this same negative experience. 
  • With the Mira Analyzer and the Mira app, you can get advanced information regarding your fertility based on your urine sample. 
  • The algorithm will provide accurate information about your fertility window, simplifying your journey to conception. 

The Importance 

  • Mira is not only for women looking to conceive; it is the easiest and most accurate way to eliminate the stress of contraception!
  • When you know the exact days you are the most fertile, it is easier to avoid conception by using contraception. 
  • Fewer missed peaks - by measuring quantitatively, you will be able to understand your unique hormone baseline levels & how your hormone surges correlate to ovulation!
  • Track key hormones- estrogen, progesterone, hCG & FSH
  • Take control of irregular cycles
  • Personalized ovulation prediction 

How Mira Works!

  • Step 1 - dip the test wand into urine for 10 seconds. (expect to test 10-20 times per cycle) This will depend on your body’s unique rhythm.
  • Step 2 - insert the wand into the Mira Analyzer. Your fertility hormone concentration results will automatically sync with the Mira App after 16 minutes of analysis.
  • Step 3 - Mira's advanced algorithm will provide highly accurate & personalized information about your fertility window.

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May 10, 2021 — Tipo Support Team