It takes a village: A CEO's journey into motherhood🌷

Join us this week with Vernita Brown, founder and CEO of Natalist, where you can find every family planning resource necessary, all while leaving a zero plastic footprint on the earth!

What is Natalist?

  • Natalist provides the best fertility products for women and men to aid the journey to conception!
  • From vitamins and minerals, to lube and pregnancy tests, Natalist has every resource people need when trying to get pregnant. 

A Mom's Journey 

  • When Vernita found out she was becoming a mom, she was very active and was participating in HIIT training.
  • When she realized this activity was too strenuous for her changing body, she decided it would be best to take a step back and focus on her health, so she switched up her workout routine to a daily walk. 
  • In addition to changing her workout routine, Vernita attended birthing classes to prepare her for the experience she would soon have.
  • Taking care of your body physically and mentally is the best thing you can do for yourself AND your baby! 

The Zero Plastic Footprint

  • Natalist recognizes the convenience and practicality of plastic, but the impacts it has on our planet are pretty detrimental.  
  • For every pound of plastic Natalist sells, they facilitate the removal of a pound of plastic pollution from the earth.
  • Every purchase from Natalist is guilt free, leaving a net zero plastic footprint!

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May 10, 2021 — Tipo Support Team