(Not so) Seamless Bottle to Breast Transitions 🍼

Join us with Amanda Shi-Werts, mother of premie twins and founder of 10|12 Baby Lounge as she shares her experience with daily 'latching fights" & navigating motherhood out of the NICU. 

Meet Amanda!

As a fashion designer, she changed directions to what she loves doing most, creating conscious baby products for new moms!

  • Where it all started - She found that reading to her twins, Chloe & Iggy, was a good way to get them to fall asleep! Amanda created empowering bedtime stories vibrant with positivity that let their growing minds fill with thoughts of anything possible!
  • The meaning behind the name - Derived from Dr. Harvey Karp's beliefs that babies are born too soon, yes you read that right! 10 to 12 relates to the fourth trimester where babies get acquainted with their new world outside of the womb.
  • About 10 to 12 Baby Lounge - Wanting to create a brand that mimicked that warm, safe environment, she created a brand that makes luxury materials durable for everyday use!
  • Back to Bedtime - The stories she told her twins are now translated onto baby blankets that are consciously sourced & ethically produced with your baby's skin in mind! 
    • Machine washable fabrics
      • Cashmere
      • Organic cotton
      • Peruvian cotton
    • No Dyes
    • Hypoallergenic 
  • Downloadable stories that foster connection - With the help of our cast of animal characters that feature on their range, you can use stories to lull your child to sleep and help stimulate their senses. Each blanket has a story & Amanda made it possible to share it with your little ones! 

Nobody Plans to Have Premies

Amanda shares her journey with premature twins and the struggles surrounding her 21 day NICU stay + battles she faced after leaving the hospital.

  • NICU Experience 
    • She was in shock upon arriving at the hospital. With her water breaking early and her son not wanting to come out, she had a cesarian delivery.
    • Her daughter only weighed 3lbs and 12 ounces, both were too small to breastfeed, so Amanda pumped every three hours to keep up her milk production to nourish her twins!
  • The hardest part was after leaving the hospital- After being in the NICU for 21 days just learning to feed, Chloe & Iggy got used to bottle feeding and didn't want to take the breast to feed.
    • Commonly referred to as nipple confusion, 92% of parents experience this problem once introducing standard bottles.
  • Looking for Solutions- “We would struggle a half hour to an hour just to feed”
  • Amanda struggled with latching frustrations & it took months for her son to latch. She tried a lactation consultant three to four times a week along with nipple shields.
  • Breastfeeding hurts - after months of not being able to nurse her daughter, Amanda was left with what many mothers struggle with, sore & cracked nipples. 
  • You’re not alone - through our research at The Natural Nipple, especially for moms of multiples of premature babies all have this experience, bottles aren’t designed after you, and milk flow at different stages of development. If they don't have a little resistance while feeding from a bottle when introduced to breast they don't have the patience to work a little extra for their milk. 
    • This works both ways, moms going back to work when introducing a standard bottle, baby refuses or they get used to the bottle and again … nipple confusion occurs!

The Reality, It's Not Easy:  How Are We Aiming to Fix the Problem Caused by Standard Bottles?

  • The Natural Nipple aims to promote breastfeeding for longer, empowering women on their journey & optimizing wellness to create a healthier generation!
  • The Industry - In nearly 200 years, there was no push for CEOs to change the way they have created bottle nipples, yet there was a huge disconnect transitioning baby from breast to bottle, vice versa!
  • How are we different - we’ve created the only bottle that mimics a mothers’ unique shape, feel & flow bringing continuity between breast & bottle!
    • lactation rates - Not only are we mimicking a mother’s breast, we also send you an updated bottle & nipple to match your milk production as your baby grows!
    • 1st bottle that comes with healthcare built in - our goal is to make healthcare accessible with our telehealth services, lactation consultants & primary care providers to help reach any goal!
  • Our LatchMatch™ Technology - we started by 3D scanning women's breasts before and during breastfeeding. Using this data, we developed a predictive engine to match mom’s natural nipple, shape, feel and flow based on 2 simple measurements & your baby's age!

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A Premier Gift for your Little One

10 to 12 Baby Lounge lets you connect with your child as they are wrapped in the softest fabric on earth, leaving you with a clear conscience!

  • The perfect gift for baby showers
    • Baby blankets & toys
    • Gift sets 
    • Shoes
  • Amanda has extended her luxury line introducing: toddler essentials,  growing with your little one to four years old!

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November 18, 2021 — Tipo Support Team