Nursing for Modern Mothers 🍯

Join us today with Sarah Kallile, Founder & CEO of Lunnie, a community-led brand that is creating a pretty and powerful postpartum for modern mothers! No two breastfeeding journeys are alike which is why our companies are listening in to what moms have to say in order to make better products that work for you! 

Meet Sarah!

As a mother of two young girls, she has had first-hand experience with clunky & uncomfortable nursing bras. She knew she had to make a change!

  • Where it all started - In hopes of finding a bra that wasn’t as bulky and unflattering as her current ones, she set out on a journey to find a new one. 
  • The good, bad, & ugly - from a marketing background, Sarah was shocked when she saw the limited options for nursing bras online. All of which were unflattering and unsupportive, expensive, and overall not fitting to women's bodies and their everyday life! 
  • It’s not just you...nursing bras are ugly, but Lunnie is set to be the change - Sarah turned to other moms while still struggling to find a better option, so in the midst of the pandemic, she began her research on what moms really needed and how she can cater to women of all sizes!

How is Lunnie Different?

Moms shouldn’t have to alter their style just because they don’t have access to a comfortable and stylish bra!

  • The norm - The fit of most nursing bras doesn’t mimic the shape of a typical underwire bra, but typical bras do not support the needs of breastfeeding mothers. Despite a lot of nursing bras being functional, most are lacking style and comfort. 
  • Reinventing - breastfeeding moms wear a nursing bra, often 24/7, but there’s a huge problem - 84% of moms are dissatisfied with their options. Lunnie is the perfect solution combining chic style with data-driven comfort designed to provide support, shape, and style while also absorbing leaked breastmilk… we’ve all been there! 
  • A community-led brand- not only making products but launching a movement to support mothers in areas where they are underserved! Lunnie Hive is a place where your voice is heard and you can find resources on advice from first-time moms to navigating postpartum because no two pregnancies are alike!

Pregnancy, Postpartum & So Much More 

There is a lot to think about when having a child, and not everything can be prepared for in advance! 

  • Every mom has a unique postpartum and breastfeeding experience, so it is difficult to cope in situations where you feel alone.
  • Catering to your needs - 85% of moms don’t think society supports or understands motherhood. We are here to be that change!
  • A universal pain point - many moms feel as though no one prepared them for what was to come after giving birth; the loneliness and lack of support can be detrimental when all of the attention is on your newborn. 
  • The Lunnie Hive is Lunnie’s community of moms dealing with similar issues. It is a safe space to share stories, lessons, and advice with moms all around the world!
  • This diverse group of women offers a wide range of tips & tricks, but one thing remains: feed is best, whether you breastfeed, formula feed, or are past this stage, Lunnie Hive strives to be inclusive creating a better solution for postpartum moms! 

The Gap in the Industry - What Moms Really Need

Breastfeeding methods and products haven’t changed much over the last 200 years. Science is evolving every day, so why isn’t breastfeeding?

  • One of the biggest problems The Natural Nipple and Lunnie have observed is the stigma around breastfeeding in public. 
  • We are listening - The Lunnie bra makes it possible to nourish your baby the way you want to while also going about your days as usual. 
  • Only the best - become a Lunnie insider for exclusive prelaunch access & updates | Preorder The Natural Nipple Latch Match Unit or starter kit, customized to your baby's needs!

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November 08, 2021 — Lauren Wright