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We Are Delivering 

The Natural Nipple’s bottle is ready to be tested by a group of families picked from our pre launch party participants. If you are interested, it's not too late to sign up! We will be choosing families all throughout January 2021, to see if you qualify fill out our latch match survey! Our goal is to ease latching frustration & empower women through their breastfeeding journey for as long as possible. When asking women what their number one barrier they faced while breastfeeding was, we discovered 92% dealt with nipple confusion. We want to change the industry and offer a bottle that matches the evolved female anatomy’s shape, feel, and flow!

What’s Next to Participate in Our Beta Testing Group:

  1. Fill out our latch match survey
    1. We want to match the bottle’s nipple to your unique nipple geometry 
  2. Complete a post test survey
    1. We want to make sure our product is doing what it's meant to do, reduce latching frustration! 

Disrupting The Infant Feeding System

Join our group of perinatal specialists & synergistic fem-tech professionals working to change the billion dollar infant industry. 

  •  Morgan Michalowski, MSN, APRN - Expert Director at Social Mama
      • The Social Mama app provides a non-judgemental, networking app for women looking for friendship and support at every stage of motherhood, connecting them with the friends they need and the experts they can trust.
      • Their expert program launched in March of 2020 & allows users to post anonymous questions where licensed specialists can provide knowledge on a broad range of topics from mental health to maternal-fetal medicine, lactation support & so much more!
    1. Laura Modi - CEO & Co-Founder of Bobbie
        • Supporting you through every stage of the breastfeeding journey- including supplementation. Finally, A Baby Formula Inspired By Breastmilk!
        • Laura Modi is CEO and co-founder of Bobbie, and a mother of three to Mary, Colin, and new baby Owen. As the operations lead at Airbnb for more than five years, she’s no stranger to early stage start-ups and disrupting traditional markets. Laura founded Bobbie in 2018 after her own breastfeeding plans didn’t go as planned. She turned to infant formula and found herself disappointed in the quality of ingredients and lack of options in the US. She wants you to be proud of what you're feeding your child & know you are giving them the best nourishment possible!
        • Their formula is FDA approved & the first and only that meets EU nutritional requirements
      1. Dr. Trill Paulin, PhD - Founder of Free to Feed
          • Free to Feed provides a solution to help mothers of infants with food intolerance 
          • Mothers are able to identify specific food proteins within their breast milk, allowing them to determine what items may be causing a reaction in their infant. 
          • Free to Feed also offers master courses with the goal of empowering women to continue breast feeding through food allergies 
        1. Anna House, Primary Care Provider for The Natural Nipple
            • A breastfeeding mother & fertility specialist 
            • As a mother herself who dealt with nipple confusion with her daughter she uses her platform to provide solutions and knowledge to other breastfeeding mothers. 

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            January 05, 2021 — Tipo Support Team