Sustainable Parenting With DYPER 🦒

Sustainable Parenting with DYPER 🦒 

Join us this week with Stace Dixon, content media manager & Taylor Shearer, executive assistant & social media expert, to discuss a new option to sustainable diapers!


Who is DYPER?

DYPER is a brand creating better diapers for you & your baby, the planet & your wallet! Made from viscose fibers from bamboo, their diapers are responsibly sourced & are Standard 100 certified by OEKO TEX, a leading Swiss safety certification body. 


You know our goal is to make parenting easier overall, so you’ll get 25% off your first subscription by visiting (saving you ~$300 a year compared to standard diapering)!


Parenting Made Easier!

With their subscription based model, parents can now have ease of mind. All you have to do is:

  1. Download the DYPER App
  2. Choose your baby’s size 
  3. Choose your frequency
  4. Receive your diapers with contactless delivery!

Coming soon to 4 cities near you is their new SOS feature that will allow you to receive your order instantly, so stay tuned!


A More Sustainable Way!

DYPER offers a compostable program, REDYPER, located in the San Francisco Bay Area!

  1. Fill your box with soiled diapers
  2. Use the labels provided by DYPER to package
  3. The box is shipped for sorting & Composted on your behalf


A Responsible Industry Player

  • Zero Guilt/Regrets: sustainable by design!
  • Zero Worries: durable, absorbent & affordable!
  • Zero Hassles: convenient, contactless delivery!
  • Zero Rashes: made with plant based, bio based materials!
  • Zero Secrets: labeled for transparency!


Lets Get all the Facts & Create Solutions!

  • 28 billion diapers are purchased & 4.1 million tons end up in landfills each year - this number increases 101% each year!
  • 95% of parents use conventional disposable diapers - DYPER is giving a better alternative to standard & traditional cloth diapers!
  • It takes 300-500 years for one traditional diaper to decompose vs. DYPER diapers break down to on average 61% at 75 days and are compostable through their REDYPER™ service. 


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February 03, 2021 — Tipo Support Team