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Join us today with Luisa Pua, a model, entrepreneur, wife to Michael, and a mom to an adorable 3-year-old baby girl, Lana. After 12 years of working experience in Sales and Marketing in some of the top lifestyle and IT industries in the Philippines, she found the courage to start The Conscious Mama in October 2019.  

About The Conscious Mama

  • The Conscious Mama was born out of Luisa’s real-life struggles and experiences as a first-time mother, as well as all the joys and challenges that come with raising a child in today’s complex world.

Problems with Perinatal Products

  • During Luisa’s fertility journey, she struggled with several miscarriages and required white blood cell donations from Michael when she finally conceived Lana. This pregnancy became her biggest investment and she began to prepare to give her little one the best start in life by researching the best products along with her OBGYN and pediatrician!
  • As a working professional, she found it challenging to come home and get Lana to latch back to breast and bond after pumping throughout the day. Knowing the importance of breastmilk to prevent neurological, immune, and endocrine issues moving forward as well as reduce rates of anxiety and depression while boosting IQ, she becomes determined to continue breastfeeding and quit her job. After doing a cost-benefit analysis of formula costs for the first year of her baby’s life, she was relieved to find The Natural Nipple as a solution. By helping parents breastfeed for longer with seamless, stress-free breast and bottle transitions we can save families on average $1000 a year while providing peace of mind that they can nourish their baby best. The freedom to feed how you want and when you want removes the shame from balancing your profession with breastfeeding when you can come home without worrying about latching frustration and colic!

Luisa’s Process for Vetting Products

  • After going through this struggle herself and finding other clinically backed products like The Natural Nipple, Luisa had a list of perinatal pain point solvers that she had her OBGYN and pediatrician weigh in on. This led her to be more conscious about her family’s health and of course, her own well-being. She also researched how the ingredients are sourced, and how they affect our community and environment.
  • All these factors gave birth to The Conscious Mama—a brand that aims to provide natural and safe products for the whole family. Her e-commerce platform is a place to find personally tried and tested, and physician-approved tools for living a healthy, conscious life with your family, every day!

Luisa’s Favorite Product!

  • Each and every single motherhood journey will always be different—from trying to conceive a baby and taking care of yourself during pregnancy to spending precious time with your newborn and experiencing the organized chaos that ensues while raising your children. The Motherlove nipple balm was a game-changer for Luisa, and now so many parents now have access to a plant-based balm that can reduce the pain of cracked nipples and prevent infections like mastitis. The Natural Nipple community even gets a special discount: 

Use Code:NaturalNipple20” for 20% OFF all products for the month of July!

July 20, 2021 — Lauren Wright