The Interactive Storyteller for Little Learners

Join us with Daniel Buelhoff, father &  founder of Storypod - a screenless interactive audio-play system that stimulates growing minds.. 

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What is Storypod?

  • Storypod is an loT-enabled children’s platform bringing educational audio content to life for ages 0-9! 
  • It is a “Tactile and interactive podcast for children.”
  • Kids can listen to audiobooks, play memory games, and even create self recordings! 

Eliminating Screens for Kids!

  • The Idea for Storypod was born out of the concerns of increasing screen use in daily life 
  • Keeping kids occupied for long periods of time can be challenging, and often parents use screens as a way of entertainment
  • While screen time in moderation is okay for kids, tactile & interactive activities stimulate their growing brains even more.
  • Storypod is extremely educational and more importantly, FUN!

A Crucial Time for Learning 

  • Ages 2-4 are some of the most important years for kids to be growing and learning. 
  • Their brains are like sponges! This generation of children are experts at using technology, so stimulating them with different activities in addition to digital games is very important. 

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June 15, 2021 — Tipo Support Team