Our story from study to practice

Making feeding easier for all parents.

The Natural Nipple, by Nurture


Our Story

We're a dedicated team of clinicians, scientists and mamas pioneering advancements to empower breastfeeding, promote bonding and optimize wellness worldwide.

Leadership Team

Lauren Wright, Founder & CEO

For the last 10 years, Lauren has been passionate about optimizing wellness by integrating preventative primary health care and research. As a nurse practitioner studying the gut microbiome of preterm infants in her PhD program, she discovered that babies who weren't being given breast milk were suffering fatal complications. She wanted to find a solution that would give all babies the ability to have breast milk, and support prolonged breastfeeding. By designing a bottle that offers seamless continuity between breast and nourishing with pumped milk, The Natural Nipple hopes to empower parents with nature's first life vaccine (breastmilk), promote bonding, and improve the health of families around the world.

Leadership Team

Lydia Speck, COO

Lydia is a healthcare executive experienced in strategic planning, operations, and developing high-performing teams that can excel through times of change. She has dedicated the last decade to seeking opportunities to bring innovation into healthcare. In doing so, she has led e-commerce implementations by forming multi-tiered supply chains, spearheading vendor negotiations, creating go-to-market strategies, and nurturing relationships with strategic partners.

Leadership Team

Katelyn Tiamson, Head of Business

With a Bachelor of Allied Health in Medical Sciences and a minor in Business, Katelyn was eager to join The Natural Nipple's team. The experience of engaging with key clinical partners transformed her career goals entirely when she realized the impact she could make on improving healthcare with our company. She is passionate about bringing an innovative solution to the market that makes breastfeeding easier, and the long-term health benefits that become accessible to families. Involved in building the brand from the ground up, Katelyn has become an integral part of our team and an effective leader that empowers our Marketing and Public relations interns at The University of Tampa.

Leadership Team

Jessica Corliss, Head of Partnerships

Jessica Corliss is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in fueling growth for startups and small businesses. She excels in developing innovative solutions, implementing sales processes, lead generation software, and CRMs to enhance sales team effectiveness. Her ability to connect businesses with resources and overcome challenges maximizes project efficiency. Beyond her professional achievements, Jessica's personal experience as a mother struggling with breastfeeding has driven her mission to expand brand awareness and accessibility of The Natural Nipple products. She passionately leverages her sales expertise to empower and support mothers, making these essential products readily available. With her dedication and expertise, Jessica is a valuable asset in driving sales growth and establishing market presence.

Our History

Founder and CEO, Lauren Wright, is passionate about optimizing wellness in the global underserved community by integrating preventative primary health care and research. She became fascinated by breastmilk as the most preventative, dynamic, biological substance to give babies the healthiest start in life. Her research identified how prolonging breastfeeding and skin to skin contact enables breastmilk to continually act in establishing immunity, enabling protective neurological development and genetic optimization through microbiome establishment, thus preventing the long-term detrimental effects of gut bacterial dysbiosis.

After interviewing hundreds of mothers and discovering their primary barrier to breastfeeding was nipple confusion, she invented the solution: The Natural Nipple and won the "Most Promising Healthcare Innovation of 2018" by GuideWell. Since then, The Natural Nipple has grown to become a company with a strong team of clinicians, scientists and real moms. Our breastfeeding knowledge and experience will help you succeed, wherever you are on your breastfeeding journey.