Yoga for Kids: A Healthier Generation 🧘🏻

Robyn Parents, a mother, yoga teacher, and the Founder & CEO of Pretzel Kids joins Lauren Wright, Founder & CEO of The Natural Nipple to discuss holistic health & the benefits of meditation practices!

Pretzel Kids

A mindfulness and movement yoga curriculum, Pretzel kids offers fully immersive training for those who want to teach and the ability to find yogis in your area!

  • A portable curriculum - Classes are offered across the US, here you can find a yogi near you to get started!
  • Robyn’s holistic approach - Teaching children mindfulness allows individuals to develop necessary tools at a young age. Pretzel kids specialize in K-6 schools and children between the ages of 3-14. 
  • Flow and grow - Different age groups have different types of curriculums. These courses are designed to keep your child engaged with a developmentally appropriate approach.
  • Mindfulness-made approach - Techniques based around mindful movements, breath work, meditation & visualization. 

Benefits of yoga for you & your Little one

Yoga is not just for adults. This platform helps kids practice mindfulness on a level they understand. 

  • Manage anxiety - Breathing exercises coupled with relaxation can help children learn how to manage stress, an important skill that will help them into adulthood. 
  • Feel better in your own skin & boost self-esteem - Yoga is a journey of personal empowerment. Refining and achieving a specific pose can boost confidence that will carry through to other activities. 
  • Develop strength & flexibility - Use your body in a new way, poses help refine coordination and build muscle groups not often used in standard play.
  • Develop concentration & memory - Curriculum based around helping children to focus, this skill can directly translate to the academic setting. Specific movements also help kids center their focus on one thing, improving memorization skills.
  • Mind-Body Connection - Achieve a sound mind and body. Yoga functions as a tool to allow children to release the pressures within the mind while exercising the body. 
  • Grounding - life moves at a fast pace, children practicing yoga learn how to manage worry by helping them to focus on the things around them rather on negative thoughts and feelings

Mindful Methods of Breathing

Sometimes kids just need a little more help on how to properly take a deep breath. Breath work can help in calming children while building social-emotional skills.

Here are some fun breathing exercises to try:

  • Hot Air Balloon - Sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position, start by cupping your hands around your mouth. Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly start to blow out through your mouth, growing your hands outwards in time with your exhale as if you are blowing up an enormous hot air balloon. Once your balloon is as big as it can be (and you’ve finished your exhale), breathe normally as you sway gently from side to side admiring your big beautiful hot air balloon as it soars through the sky. This long deep exhalation as you blow up your hot air balloon has a relaxing effect and the image is incredibly vivid for kids’ imaginations.
  • Dragon Fire Breaths - interlace the fingers underneath the chin. Inhale and lift the elbows up to frame the face. Exhale, lifting the head up making a whispered ‘hah’ sound towards the sky, like a dragon breathing fire. At the same time, lower the elbows back down to meet at the bottom again by the end of the ‘hah’ exhale. This breath technique builds strength and heat within so it is a good energizer. It helps us feel brave when we might be nervous or pepped up when we’re a bit tired.
  • Bumble Bee Breaths - Sitting comfortably with your legs crossed, breathing in through your nose, then with fingers in your ears hum out your exhalation. The lovely comforting resonance of this has a calming effect and done with eyes closed can make it even more peaceful.
  • You can find more breathing activities here

    March 13, 2022 — Tipo Support Team