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For Moms
 For Babies

Promotes Healing

Help your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size and potentially reduce uterine bleeding after birth.

Provides the First Life Vaccine

Breastfeeding supports your baby's neurological and immune development from day one.

Reduces Risk of Disease

Reduce the risk of uterine, ovarian and breast cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and inflammatory conditions.

Prevents Childhood Disease

Transfer good bacteria from your skin and milk to your baby during skin-to-skin contact.

Boosts Well-Being

Lose pregnancy weight faster and support emotional health and intimate bonding with your baby.

Builds a Healthy Gut

Enhance your baby's gut microbiome with a diet rich in breast milk during the first three years of life.


Breastfeeding Data

Supported by Science

While assessing the feeding of infants who are hospitalized, our team has also identified a demand for more suitable bottle nipples. A recent study (below) compared the flow rate of commercially available bottle nipples supplied in neonatal intensive care units (Pados et al, 2016).

The results range from 2.10-85.34 mL/min, with the majority of nipples providing an average flow rate of 10 mL/min (Pados et al, 2016). The un-naturally fast flow rate of bottle nipples is a concern in the NICU due to the risk of aspiration and, after discharge, can also present a barrier to breastfeeding. The variability of bottle nipples can be a huge barrier to infants latching as most bottle flow rates are constant, and less dynamic than the breast. Because infants admitted to the NICU are often primarily introduced to a bottle nipple, designing a bottle nipple that reflects lactating mothers’ flow rates is imperative in preventing future barriers to breastfeeding.
Natural Nipple Baby Bottles

The Natural Nipple Bottle

Did you know? 92% percent* of parents who introduce baby to a bottle with the intention of returning to the breast are unable to continue breastfeeding for originally intended period of time?

Our Natural Nipple helps extend natures health plan, reduces costs, and ensures your bond with baby will remain in tact- longer than traditional breast to bottle feeding.

Learn why The Natural Nipple® developed by scientists and healthcare providers is scientifically proven to be the best “breast for bottle feeding.”

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