Our Mission

We're a dedicated team of clinicians, scientists, and mamas pioneering advancements to empower breastfeeding, promote bonding and optimize wellness worldwide.

Our Promise to You

What started out as cutting edge research to understand infant mortality has quickly evolved into an evidence-based solution to help all families raise strong, healthy, beautiful babies. Our team has developed the only infant feeding system for all three factors of natural breastfeeding for optimal feeding success.

Less latching issues, less colic, and no more worrying if you're feeding your baby right means more sleep for you at night.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
We have struggled with latching since birth. After 7 months of rejecting other bottles, she latched right on to The Natural Nipple (looks just like my breast when nursing) and downed the whole thing! This is REVOLUTIONARY!"
— Brooklyn, formerly tired mom
Customer reviews
I have been speaking of nothing but The Natural Nipple lately. I finally got to have an adult drink while my mom was able to feed pumped breast milk. This hasn't happened in MONTHS because my baby was rejecting other bottles! I am passionate about your cause and will recommend it to all of my clients.
— Infant sleep trainer
Customer reviews
We honestly love The Natural Nipple so much and reach for it over all others. It is so versatile (able to fit on other bottles) and the multiple vent holes are excellent at reducing extra air! Our 12 month old is able to drink efficiently!
— Anna, Primary Care Provider
Customer reviews
This product is amazing! It has helped my son decrease reflux with feedings and made him more relaxed with bottle feedings [...] thank you Lauren for all of your help with my little guy.
— Fawn, First Time Mom

Our Story

We began by studying infant gut microbiomes.¹

Then, we discovered that babies who weren’t being breastfed were facing deadly complications. So, we shifted our focus to address the source of the problem — helping more moms breastfeed.

After four years of research and 3D scanning lactating mothers breasts, our simple solution allows you to nourish your baby for longer. Now, let's raise some superbabies!²


Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge Awardee.

National Science Foundation I-Corps Grant.

Most Innovative Healthcare Product of 2018.