Help with Nipple Pain

Less Pain. More Gain.

  • Personalized from breast for feeding success

  • Reduces nipple confusion, biting, and pain

  • Feeding support means mom's body gets a break to heal

66% Reduction in latching pain & frustration.

pain & frustration.

The Natural Nipple® biomimicry of mom’s shape and flow rate enables harmony between breast and bottle feeding. 

Common causes of nipple pain

Poor Latch

A shallow or misplaced latch leads to friction on the nipple which can cause nipple pain during and even inbetween feeds.

Chap or Crack

Cracked or chapped nipples form as a result of continuous friction on the surface of the nipple caused by an incorrect latch

Blisters and Blebs

Nipple abrasion due to difficulty latching, pore blockage, infection and oversupply can result in nipple blebs or blisters.

Breast is best. When it has (some) rest.

Our natural solution allows partners, friends & caregivers to step in when mom needs a break. For seamless transitions between breast, bottle and back to breastfeeding.

The key to a good latch.

Obtaining a good latch can take a bit of practice. A deep latch and a sufficient seal around the areola in order to create a vacuum in your baby's mouth, are vital in facilitating optimal milk transfer. Your baby will elicit a 'rooting reflex' - their food search reflex - whereby they will move their head around with a wide open mouth. Using this reflex to your advantage by latching your baby on while they are rooting will ensure you are off to a good start.

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