Improve Bonding

Boost your feel good hormones.

  • A Happy Baby Makes a Happy Mom

  • Less Fuss Feedings

  • Seamless Skin-to-Skin

Go Aú Natural

Whether combination feeding or exclusively bottle feeding, it is a special time to connect with your little one. Get paired to the feeding tool to best support better bonding and milk production. 

Nurturing Nature

Our natural designs support the cycle between breast and bottle and back to breast to encourage milk production.


When your baby begins to nurse, it activates nerves that signal your body to release prolactin and oxytocin. Prolactin then prompts the alveoli to produce milk, while oxytocin triggers muscle contractions that expel milk from the alveoli and into the milk ducts.

Feeding all Families

LGBTQ/Adoptive…unique stories Special Stories of Bonding 

"This product is amazing! It has helped my son decrease reflux with feedings & has made him more relaxed with bottle feedings...Thank you to The Natural Nipple Team for all your help with my Little Guy" 

Fawn Happy Mom

Exclusively bottle feeding?
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