Safe & Stress free Bottle & Breast Transitions

Find your personalized LatchMatch™

  • Reduce time spent learning to latch on breast or bottle

  • Seamless transitions between breast and bottle

  • Reduce risk of nipple confusion

How it works

With these two simple measurements and your baby's age, our clinical & research-backed engine pairs you with your best LatchMatch™ result to match your specific breast geometry and baby's feeding needs. Mailed right to your door.

Matching your latch has been shown to reduce latching time by 83%.

Frequently asked questions about reducing latching time

How can The Natural Nipple reduce latching time?

Every mother-baby feeding pair is unique, and we aim to support that uniqueness. The Natural Nipple offers bottle nipples in various shapes and flow rates, allowing mothers to match the bottle to their natural breast shape and milk flow. By mimicking your breast shape and feel, The Natural Nipple eliminates nipple confusion and bottle/breast refusal, enabling your baby to latch easily on both bottle and breast and transition seamlessly.

What to do if my baby won’t take a bottle?

To breastfeed longer, focus on proper latch and nursing techniques. Nurse frequently to maintain milk supply and offer both breasts at each feeding. Stay hydrated and nourished, and ensure a comfortable nursing environment. Seek support from lactation consultants or support groups if needed. Gradually introduce solids while continuing to breastfeed for extended duration.

When can I introduce a bottle?

Latching on the breast is a skill that your baby needs time to perfect, which is most effective when exclusively breastfed. Introduce a bottle only when your baby is confident and comfortable with latching at the breast, typically around 4-6 weeks of age

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