Ask a Specialist: Bedtime Basics Without Sleep Training 🤰

Join us today with Kerry Secker, an infant sleep consultant as well as the founder of her unique sleep approach, Care it Out!

Meet Kerry!

  • Kerry is a mom of three, a former Nanny, and has over 20 years of experience supporting and advising families with sleep!
  • She also hosts a podcast called Sleep Show in addition to running caring sleep sessions across the UK.
  • After helping families with various struggles they were having, she found sleep to be her most passionate area, and founded Care it Out five years ago to help families get more of it! 

Care it Out is Different!

  • What is sleep training? Typically, you increase the periods of time before soothing the baby, allowing them to cry at times and eventually fall asleep.
  • One aspect of sleep training that many parents believe is very important is creating a strict bedtime routine. While this can help, without an intuitive approach you may feel you are forcing a one size fits all solution on a very unique need for every little human.
  • A new approach- Care it Out is different as this method consists of comforting your baby when they cry while also encouraging them to sleep to the best of their ability, even if that means they don’t make it through the entire night. It asks that you reframe your expectations of what good sleep looks like. There is no rule book for parenting!  

A Holistic Approach

  • Like Kerry’s Care it Out technique, The Natural Nipple aims to address the challenges parents face when breastfeeding and bottle feeding at night with a partner, so both parents get more rest.
  • We started our cutting edge research to help eliminate the number one barrier to breastfeeding- nipple confusion, aiding in reducing colic as well
  • Our infant feeding system combats these issues because of the proprietary LatchMatch™ that pairs you with The Natural Nipple that matches your shape, feel, and flow as mom- making it much easier to switch between breast and bottle feeding!
  • While we know that there are countless benefits to breastfeeding, we know it’s not possible for every mom all the time. We are here to support families through whichever path they decide to follow. 

A Guide to Trying Any New Tool:

  • Ask yourself “Does this make sense?” The same method won’t be effective for each family; parenting isn’t one size fits all!
  • Ask yourself “Does it feel good for me?” and after trying it, evaluate “Does it make my life or my baby’s life better?” While it may be easier at times to have a clear guidebook to parenting, your unique intuition is the closest thing you’ve got!
  • If you feel as though Kerry’s services could benefit your family, visit her website and either follow one of her many E-Courses or Share Your Sleep Story for personalized advice! 

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August 07, 2021 — Tipo Support Team