What is Latch Match™ - Personalized to your Breastfeeding Journey

Imagine being able to enhance lifelong development from the day a baby is born, with nature’s first, free & accessible life vaccine? Simply put, it is crucial for their immune system development &  lowers health risks across the board.

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally and latching can be difficult, taking time & dedication. Most describe their bonding experience interrupted by a screaming baby with colic, with the biggest problem parents described as difficulty switching between breast and bottle. Children are designed to be attracted to their mother’s breast & nipple shape, size, and length.

If a bottle isn’t designed to match mom, babies may prefer one over the other and become frustrated switching between both! This can cause real problems with the baby’s immune development as well as being able to build a bond between mother & child.

Created by Clinicians & Scientists

We set out to find the best way to eliminate this "latching frustration"- giving parents the freedom to seamlessly transition between breast and bottle and prolong breastfeeding. After 3D scanning breastfeeding mothers' nipples, we then measured their milk flow and quantity at each stage of babies’ development. 

Introducing LatchMatch™: our predictive nipple sizing technology

With this data, we developed a predictive engine to match mom’s natural nipple shape and flow based on 2 simple measurements.

As more moms use The Natural Nipple, we continue gathering valuable data- allowing us to continue to learn and develop new solutions to improve mother-baby health and bonding.

After 4 years of research,  our team of researchers at The Natural Nipple has developed the only infant feeding system for all three factors (shape, feel & flow)  of natural breastfeeding achieving feeding success! 


No More Worrying If You’re Feeding Your Child The Correct Amount 

The first step in building the foundation of a successful breastfeeding journey is to fill out our LatchMatch survey! We then match your unique nipple geometry and data driven flow rate to match your growing babies feeding demands, beautifully delivered to your door! 

How to get LatchMatched?

For this step you’ll need:

An ice cube or cold spoon

A ruler or download the ruler app on your phone


      1. To get the correct measurements, first, rub an ice cube or cold spoon on your nipple for maximum stimulation, this will mimic your shape as if you were feeding.
      2. Measure your nipples length & diameter (you may need to repeat stimulation between measurements)
      Record your measurements in our LatchMatch Survey, which will immediately deliver your custom results to add to your cart!

      We are Listening

      After 30 days, we will remind you to complete a Post Test Survey that gives us the chance to hear how The Natural Nipple bottle is working with your unique breastfeeding journey and allows us to help more families succeed in nourishing their little on best!

      Help Us Continue Our Research & Provide You With The Best Resources

      July 12, 2021 — Tipo Support Team