Ask a Specialist: Keeping Kids Busy While Working From Home 💻

Join us today with Holly Homer! She started a blog by accident 11 years ago that turned into a hobby & paved the way for her dream entrepreneurial adventure. 

Meet Holly!

  • A mother of three, Founder & CEO of Kids’ Activity Blog & Entrepreneur! 
  • Where it all Started - Discovered by accident 11 years ago, Kids’ Activity Blog has become a success, a place where you can find fun activities for all ages. Her page also features resources for parents, educational tools, and easy DIYs for every lifestyle! 
  • Co-Author of best sellers
  1.  101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!
  2. The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments
  3. 101 Kids Activities that are Ooey, Gooey-est Every
  • Obsessed with algorithms you can find her speaking, teaching, and coaching - how to turn your blog into an empire!

Bringing Traditional Play Back!

Traditional play has many benefits for children helping them to be successful as they grow, including social skills, motor skills, problem-solving, and emotional development! 

  • When Holly reminisced about her childhood, it looked much different than her kids’ life. She remembered spending hours outside each day and never being bored. She knew she needed to integrate more of this into her sons’ lives, so she began thinking of creative ways to entertain them. 
  • Bringing them to the park each morning was the catalyst to her blog. She soon began creating hundreds of other activities that her sons loved, and she knew she had to share them! 
  • Kids’ Activities Blog has thousands of free ideas to entertain your kids from five-minute crafts to easy hairstyles, to homemade escape rooms! 

Hands-on Learning Through Play 

Little learners are more likely to learn & remember things through play. Being a big champion of fun, Kids Activity Blog features thousands of educational activities for your little one!

  • Learn colors, letters, numbers & shapes -The foundation for success!
  • Alphabet - Worksheets, spelling words, & sight word activities!!
  • Reading - key to reading level development, these activities make reading fun!

Out of This World STEM Activities!

Science experiments allow kids hands-on experience building fundamental science concepts with things around the house! All safe to conduct indoors, Kids’ Activity Blog makes it easy to find projects like:

  • Building a volcano: Learn how to create an explosion outside with just a plastic water bottle and dirt. 
  • What is surface tension? This activity will teach your little one how and why objects can be water-resistant as well as how certain bugs can balance on droplets of water! 
  • Learning About Germs! This one will educate your kids about bacteria and how to avoid it. 

The Importance of Busy Kids

For moms' mentality & your child’s engagement, keeping busy is a balance & we’re here to make it fun!

  • “As a mom with a toddler and a breastfeeding baby, life can definitely get pretty chaotic.” - Holly
  • Using some of the activities on Holly’s blog is the perfect way to keep your older one busy while nourishing your little one. 
  • Our product, The Natural Nipple bottle, is surprisingly similar to Holly’s blog in terms of convenience and stress-relieving!
  • With The Natural Nipple infant feeding system, a friend or family member can easily feed your infant with our bottle with ease as the shape, feel, and flow will be identical to yours.
  • Take on a science experiment with your toddler while your little one is nourished by a family member. 

Activity Bucket List:

Our favorite activities by age & for the whole family to enjoy!

Family Friendly 

  1. Indoor Camping - featuring a fort in the family room complemented by smores!
  2. Movie Night in the Backyard- pop the popcorn!
  3. Baking- What better way than to bond over sweets!
  4. Create an obstacle course- developing motor skills and confidence!
  5. Host a talent show- singing, dancing, bring it on 

Spooky Season Activities 

Halloween is around the corner, here are some of our fall DIY favorites!

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September 20, 2021 — Lauren Wright