Building Baby's Brain Through Infant Massage

Join us today with Elina Furman, Certified Infant Massage Instructor & Founder of Kahlmi - The first handheld massager for babies. The first bonding tool of its kind, Kahlmi helps connect families using touch and vibration as a therapeutic aid to facilitate an interactive bonding experience! 

Meet Elina!

A Mother, Certified Infant Massage Instructor & CEO, Elina wears many hats like most moms!

  • Tired as a mother - Struggling the first few years as a new parent, her oldest struggled with colic leaving Elina feeling ill-prepared for the many challenges as a first-time mom.
  • Connect not distract - While working from home as a busy magazine editor she realized efforts were being put into distracting her children rather than bonding with them. 
  • Infant massage - At the hospital she learned all about baby milestones, skin-to-skin, and nursing, but no one ever mentioned the benefits that infant massage presents to both her and her baby. 
  • Dreams into a reality - Baby massage has been practiced for centuries around the world, so why don't more families know that it's the best and most natural developmental tool at their disposal? Using soft percussion and massage, Elina’s goal was to create something safe, low-vibrational, and specifically customized to the baby's smaller anatomical scale. 
  • Scaling success as a full-time mom - Writing over 25 books by the age of 30 including:

What is Kahlmi?

This handheld infant massage tool is designed for ages 1 month to 12 years old & provides surprising physical and emotional benefits!

  • Mission - Kahlmi aims to give parents the tools they need to take an active role in their child’s emotional, social & neurological development
  • This rechargeable, antibacterial, waterproof device uses gentle vibrations and light pressure to soothe your baby to sleep. 
  • When should I massage my baby? Wait at least 45 minutes after feeding, reading body language to determine if your child would enjoy bonding time with touch. 
  • How often should I massage my baby? You know your child best! A newborn may enjoy a daily massage, a toddler might use massage to relax and sleep at night. 
  • Getting started: 
  1. Create a calm atmosphere
  2. Stay relaxed & control your movements ensuring pressure is not too hard
  3. Watch to see your baby's response 
  • Join their waitlist to receive an early bird special & be notified when Kahlmi launches! 

Physical Benefits of Kahlmi

Infant massage has been known to be beneficial for years, but not enough modern mothers are educated about how much of an impact it can make on their baby!

  • Colic
    • Many babies experience colic as infants, and this is just one of the many problems Kahlmi addresses with massage to soothe babies and children's digestive tracts. 
  • Constipation 
    • Many parents know that there are several different methods to eliminating constipation, but Elina has combined her background as an infant massage instructor to teach parents unique digestive massage techniques on her TikTok
  • Latching Frustration
    • Babies tend to hold a lot of stress in their arms and shoulders, and this can be problematic when breastfeeding. 
    • Elina found helping infants relax in massage produces a better latch and a much easier time nursing.
    • Our infant feeding system is designed to mimic the shape, feel, and flow of mom’s breast, so preparing your baby with a massage and then nourishing with The Natural Nipple bottle can soothe your baby, making latching noticeably easier!
  • Infant massage may also help stimulate:
    • The circulatory system
    • Hormones & the immune system 
    • Coordination & balance 
    • Muscular development & growth 
    • Mind & body awareness

Emotional Benefits of Kahlmi

Kahlmi has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep struggles!

  • Reducing Anxiety
    • Since the beginning of the pandemic, children have been experiencing anxiety at a much higher rate.
    • Massage (especially before bed) is a great way to release the stress and anxiety from your babies and kids at the end of the day. 
  • Improved Sleep Patterns Sleep Struggles
    • Many infants struggle to fall asleep, especially ones who experience colic. 
    • Massaging your baby at night is the most beneficial way to soothe them to sleep. Not only are you spending time with them building a bond, but you are also preparing them to sleep through the night so they can have energy in the morning!
  • Emotional Connection and Bonding 
    • Human touch and connection from day one of your baby’s life are crucial to healthy development! With the help of Kahlmi, you can get your baby to sleep faster and reduce stress anxiety at the same time. 
  • Chemical Release
    • Not only does Kahlmi benefit your baby physically and emotionally, but infant massage also releases several chemicals that are beneficial to your baby.
    • Dopamine - When receiving a massage, your infant’s brain releases dopamine, giving them pleasure and happiness! This feeling eliminates stress and anxiety. 
    • Serotonin - Along with happiness, serotonin also provides benefits to sleep and digestion, as well as helps babies and kids focus better!


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October 09, 2021 — Tipo Support Team