Body Positivity & Breastfeeding 💦


We joined forces with Ana Rojas Bastidas, CLC for 'Ask a Specialist' live Q+A.

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In this episode we discuss Body Positivity & Breastfeeding, and cover all topics 'taboo' in the journey of a woman now dealing with the constant demand of a newborn, accepting a new body, and struggling for autonomy and reintroduction to her sexuality. 

As a lactation consultant and mother of three, Ana founded Power to Prevail in 2015 to create a conversation about the doubts she was having surrounding her new body after birth which rapidly transformed to a global collective. Between all of these roles she was also running a chapter of TIE global- a non-profit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. In trying to create balance and enjoy a weekend with her babies at the beach, she realized swimwear was not breastfeeding accessible or adoring of postpartum bodies. She then founded Orolait to empower women to embrace this journey with their body and their infant, while making breastfeeding and enjoying the things you love easier!

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • A big part of intimacy is in our head, so the issues that existed before surrounding body positivity can be amplified if we don’t mentally prepare & normalize that a sexual part of our body is used for feeding as well. 


  • Handling intimate encounters with body changes transparently is key. For instance, you may have unexpected, high velocity lactation, and having a conversation about needing to pump before jumping into bed can help ease these changes and even shift the dynamic towards humor surrounding them. 


  • Breastfeeding women’s vaginal wall is very similar to menopausal women in terms of hydration. Preparing for this by having an honest conversation with your partner about what to expect and deciding to incorporate lubrication can put this temporary change into perspective and give you tools for handling this transition.


  • Talk to a supportive health care professional if you have any questions. We offer virtual visits with primary care providers specializing in sexual health right at your fingertips.
August 18, 2020 — Tipo Support Team Collaborator