Reducing Colic & Fussiness by Optimizing What Goes in 🤱 & Testing What Comes Out 💩

Welcome to our first 'Ask a Specialist' Q&A, where we feature Dr. Trill Paullin, a molecular biologist and mother of two specializing in allergies and breastfeeding. She founded Free to Feed to empower mothers to continue breastfeeding by giving them the power to test their milk for allergens right from the comfort of their home. Over 25% of infants have some form of food intolerance, causing colic, reflux, rashes, and gastrointestinal issues- so Dr. Paullin specializes in giving moms the power to optimize “what goes in”, while Lauren Wright, AGNP-BC- a Primary Care Provider,  microbiome and immunology researcher, provides parents data driven insights by analyzing “what comes out”. 

Lauren founded The Natural Nipple, a biotech breastfeeding experience for effortless health and bonding. While the infant feeding system designed for seamless, stress free breast and bottle feeding is in development, TNN launched remote immuno-biome testing- to empower families to make confident feeding decisions that reduce adverse health outcomes with personalized gut microbiome insights! Their telehealth services also give families access to virtual visits, for the support 96% of families say they need, right at their fingers tips! Please spread the word and donate to match our infant feeding system to mom's milk flow and provide virtual visits to families for the remainder of 2020!  

To fund Free to Feed's food allergy and breastfeeding research and learn more about this topic, sign up for Dr. Paullin's Allergy & Breastfeeding Master Class

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August 07, 2020 — Tipo Support Team Collaborator