Supermama: Birth & Beyond with No.1 Beta Tester & Sleep Trainer, Brooklyn Johnson 💦

Join us today with Brooklyn Johnson, No.1 Beta Testing Mother, Sleep Trainer, and Founder of Best Buds Babysitting!

Meet Brooklyn!

  • Brooklyn Johnson is the mom of Raine, as well as a sleep trainer and founder/CEO of Best Buds Babysitting based in Houston, Texas
  • As one of our first beta testers for the Natural Nipple bottle she has been incredibly helpful & instrumental to our company’s mission of supporting parents on their breastfeeding journey! 

Brooklyn’s Journey with The Natural Nipple 

  • After struggling with latching since birth Brooklyn was very skeptical about introducing a bottle to her 7 month old daughter, Raine, but after one use of our bottle she latched immediately!
  • Thinking it was just one lucky incident, Brooklyn waited several days before giving it to her daughter again.
  • A week later, she was pleasantly surprised! Raine latched onto our bottle perfectly each and every time it was re-introduced to her. 
  • Our nipples make it possible to gain your autonomy back while also nourishing your baby!

Making Breastfeeding Easy & Accessible 

  • Pre-orders are LIVE & will be sent out September 2021!
  • The 1st step in building the foundation of a successful breastfeeding journey- Take our LatchMatch™ Survey
  • You choose your nipple shape, give us a brief medical background, and measure the length & diameter of your nipple - this allows us to match your natural maternal anatomy to a nipple that will mimic your shape, feel & flow!
  • Results are added straight to your cart!

The Importance of Sleep 

  • The more sleep mom is getting, the easier breastfeeding is! 
  • While it is expected to lose sleep when becoming a mom, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Brooklyn helps moms everywhere learn how to keep their little one fast asleep. 
  • This not only benefits the baby, but mom’s body heals faster and becomes stronger!
  • To see services offered by Brooklyn & book, visit her website!

To pre-order use code: BROOKLYN15 for 15% off The Natural Nipple Bottle 

To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our podcast!

June 22, 2021 — Tipo Support Team