5 Things Every Mom Should Know Before Birth 💭

Join us this week with Leah Wrisley, a mother & co-host of the momversation podcast. We will discuss the unknowing truths of motherhood & five things every mom should know before giving birth!

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1. Community & Must Haves

An astounding 96% of parents feel as if they didn't have support from their community or healthcare providers, so what can we do to stay connected & informed?


2. Help with the 4th Trimester

During pregnancy there are three trimesters & the first three months of an infant's life is considered the 4th trimester!

Help from a postpartum doula can make a difference in adjusting to life at home with an infant! 

Services provided can include:

  • Cooking meals for new moms - provide nutritional support & recovery from birth!
  • Help with breastfeeding - provide knowledge on the best foods to increase milk supply & ease latching frustration!
  • Physical & emotional support!


3. Your Journey is Unique

There is no “right” way to be a mother. We all have a different journeys, know there are a lot of different ways to be a mother & experience being a mother! 


4. Get in Touch with Your Needs & Communicate Them

  • It can be hard to ask for help, keep an open mind when approaching conversations!
  • Follow your intuition!
  • Shed self perceived roles!


5. Empowered State of Mind

Expect the best, but know that not everything will go as planned.

  • Find mantras!
  • Our favorite: "I can do this & my body is my friend!"


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February 22, 2021 — Tipo Support Team