Am I Normal? Finding Support in the Breastfeeding Journey

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Does it seem like your mom, grandma, sister, best friend, their friend, and even the lady on the train want to give you some advice or ‘wisdom’ on how to breastfeed or raise your new baby? While it can be nice and comforting at times to get advice from those close to you (especially when you’re the one asking and they aren’t just offering it), it can sometimes be advice that can feel a bit like criticism. 

There are so many opinions out there and the internet is full of different “sources of truth” that it can feel overwhelming. This episode we talk with Melanie Silverman, long time Lactation Consultant, and Chief Clinical Officer at Pacify about what can be expected during your breastfeeding journey, and how to surround yourself with people who give you encouragement and not criticism. 

Key Takeaways

  • Have a support system that is encouraging as well - surround yourself with family members who don’t judge you for where you are at in your experience or for the decisions you make for the health of your baby. If you are experiencing challenges, reach out to our clinical specialists for a virtual visit!
  • Find a lactation consultant that uses language that is supportive and accepting - don’t allow anyone to ever make you feel like you’re not good enough. We work with a great team of them and can get you set up after your initial consult.
  • Fall in love with your pump - especially if you're a mom who is going to need to go back to work or wants to breastfeed for up to a year. You’re going to need the support of your pump to get you through. 
  • You can’t Google a standard! So don’t try - everyone is different in how much milk they produce, and every baby is different in how much they eat and how often. So don’t go scaring yourself by Googling.
  • Remember you aren't alone. We conducted a COVID19 isolation and infant bonding survey, we found that 96% ​of moms ​​requested more breastfeeding insights and support. Our plan was to be the first bottle to come with tele-health support for the breastfeeding journey and immuno-biome feedback. The survey tells us that NOW is an important time to bring these services to the frontline to help families make super babies even if our Natural Nipple bottle isn’t ready to ship. You can help make this happen:

For every $55 we raise, one mom will get a virtual visit covered until the end of 2020. To donate, visit:

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July 19, 2020 — Tipo Support Team Collaborator