Switching Between Breast & Bottle Made Easy 🙏

Switching Between Breast & Bottle Made Easy 🙏

A self paced tutorial to reduce colic, latching frustration, and help new parents and babies get more sleep. 

Imagine being able to enhance lifelong development from the day a baby is born, with nature’s first, free & accessible life vaccine? Simply put, breastmilk helps makes a super babies-but breastfeeding is rarely easy 🤱

The team of researchers at The Natural Nipple shifted focus to address the source of the problem—helping parents overcome the barriers breastfeed, which is rarely easy. Most described their bonding experience interrupted by a screaming baby with colic the biggest problem parents described was difficulty switching between breast and bottle. 

After 4 years of research and 3D scanning lactating mothers breasts, the team of researchers at The Natural Nipple have developed the only infant feeding system for all three factors of natural breastfeeding for optimal feeding success.

September 14, 2021 — Lauren Wright

Reducing Colic & Fussiness by Optimizing What Goes in 🤱 & Testing What Comes Out 💩

Today's session was a meeting of the minds!  Lauren, a microbiome research expert, and primary care provider, and Dr. Trill, a food allergy and breastfeeding scientist, discuss infant health from top to bottom (literally!).  By connecting what goes in with what comes out, we can approach infant health and nutrition as a whole while educating parents and those who support them.
August 07, 2020 — Tipo Support Team Collaborator