5 Things You Should Know About Labor

5 Things You Should Know About Labor

Join us today with Trish Ware, a labor and delivery nurse of 17 years to explain the five most important things to know before labor! 

Over the past 17 years, Trish has developed a reputation for making laboring mamas feel empowered and confident ‚ÄĒ even if she‚Äôs not in the labor room with them. She has spent many years analyzing the literature & her own experiences in the labor room to¬†prepare and educate mothers¬†for a confident¬†labor!¬†Here are¬†

1. Mindset:

  • Remove fixed expectations: When women have trauma from previous birth experiences, it is sometimes hard to let go of that.¬†
  • Embrace the entropy:ÔĽŅ Labor rarely goes as planned, so getting comfortable with the¬†potential¬†paths¬†that can unfold¬†is extremely important!
  • Prepare: Being educated on what‚Äôs happening to your body is important so you can make informed decisions during labor.¬†
2. Advocacy boosts confidence:
  • Decide on a specific person (nurse, another mom, a doula, midwife), to ask questions when you‚Äôre beginning to feel uncertain.¬†
  • If you have a question or something in your body feels off, don't be afraid to¬†talk to your provider about it. You are not meant to do this alone, and your body often knows best!¬†

3. Stay at home as long as possible:

  • Stick to intuition and stay at home until contractions are less than four minutes apart for at least two hours. This is key for environmental control and less interventions.
  • At home you can dim the lights¬†to boost melatonin, which will help make your pain threshold higher!
4. Start with 1000 minutes uninterrupted skin-to-skin:
    • As long as complications don‚Äôt occur, holding your baby for the first 1000 minutes of their lives is vital for their neurological and microbiome development.
    • Skin contact, even with another family member, builds¬†an immediate connection and gives your newborn a sense of safety after coming into the world.
    5. Less interventions:
    • Allowing yourself to¬†move around freely,¬†such as¬†using a yoga ball to help open your hips, will also prevent the need for additional interventions if you arrive to the hospital early and are confined to a bed.¬†
    • Your baby‚Äôs weight isn‚Äôt going to change within a matter of minutes, so it is¬†okay to know that you‚Äôre allowed to¬†ask for that¬†first 1000¬†minutes with your baby and wait to bathe and weigh.¬†

    If you need help finding a birth advocate, or want access to the mindset challenge- check out Master your Childbirth Mindset, a five day interactive challenge that will change the way you view labor & birth!  

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    June 15, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
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