Surviving to Thriving with Weldon

Surviving to Thriving with Weldon

To celebrate #emotionalwellness month, this Ask a Specialist episode is with Lynn Weldon, a school psychologist and Head of Care & Co-Founder of Weldon! After her brother Mark integrated and shared Lynn’s advice for managing tantrums, they realized many more parents were wondering the same thing, “am I doing this right?” And so, Weldon was created! In this episode we discuss the common challenges parents face to build confidence in your parenting choices, learn evidence-based parenting strategies, and gain a deeper understanding of your child!

What is Weldon?

Evidence-based advice from experts, a community of parents just like you, and designed for your busy life.

  • Weldon is an online community of parents and coaches working towards solving the most challenging parenting struggles.
  • With personalized coaching in addition to group sessions, get all of your questions answered when difficult situations arise. 
  • Designed for you busy life - Find hundreds of solutions to common problems such as tantrums, anxious kids, and so much more. 
  • Powered by experts with evidence-based insights - the world of parenting advice is overwhelming, Weldon has curated connections to psychologists, therapists, marriage & family counselors, behaviorists, and top rated parenting coaches!
  • Typical vs. atypical
    • Language & developmental milestones.
  • You can download the app here: Weldon App!

Navigating Parenthood - The Most Common Pain Points

There isn’t a one size fits all solution, but Weldon works by helping you understand the psychology of your child’s mind.

  • Toddlers - as parents we often forget their world is ever changing and new! 
    • Problems most often revolve around an increasing intensity or frequency of tantrums, resisting, a routine or sleep, & separation anxiety.
  • Weldon helps parents understand these signs of behavior your child is exhibiting and ways to help.
    • Learning what emotions are and how to regulate them
    • Language can be an area of frustration, not know what to ask or how to communicate fully.
  • Behavior is a form of communication - as a parent what are you reinforcing or what is your response to bad behavior?
    • Model what you want, ex. For kids to express themselves in the appropriate way, helping your child identify how they feel, help them take problem solving steps.

3 tips for Managing Tantrums 

    1. Age - Is this age appropriate & what could your child be communicating? 
      1. Language is a huge barrier with smaller children, this is often the root of frustration for a child that is acting out.
    2. Their behavior - What is happening before this behavior & what does their behavior look like?
    3. Your reaction - what can you do to identify what's happening and de-escalate?
      1. Helping your child identify emotions, find words for emotions & set routines and expectations - we often forget their world is new all the time!
  • Phrases that can help kids handle big emotions: 
    • "I can see that you are upset. You are allowed to feel that way. I'm here when you're ready to talk."
    • "I see that you had a hard time with [x], what can we do to make it easier next time?"
    • "It seems like you're having a hard time finding the words to explain what you're feeling. Is there another way that you can show me what is going on?"
    • "Your words help me understand you better."

How to Support Emotional Wellbeing - The Color System 

At the preventative level - help your child check in when they are experiencing bad behavior 

  • Green - your child is calm, this is the phase where you want to be proactive.
    • Talk about what to do with emotions and how to identify them.
    • Books and emotion charts can help as visual aids.
    • Ask questions like:  “how was your day” & “How are you feeling” - helps pinpoint and connect dots with how they're feeling.
  • Yellow - the escalation phase. 
    • Deep breathes & breathing exercises - you can find some of our favorites in our Yoga for Kids Blog
    • Take a step back - separate your child from the activity or environment.
    • Kids are learning how to ask for help - helping the to find words with how they're feeling.
    • Focus on communication - Create a safe space to have dialogue and explore problem solving skills.
  • More coping strategies that may work for you.
    • Give your child control over small things like minor choices on what to do next in their daily routine, what toy to play with, or what snack they would like to eat.
    • Replace a frustrating activity with a new one to help them learn a new skill.


March 20, 2022 — Tipo Support Team
Yoga for Kids: A Healthier Generation 🧘🏻

Yoga for Kids: A Healthier Generation 🧘🏻

Robyn Parents, a mother, yoga teacher, and the Founder & CEO of Pretzel Kids joins Lauren Wright, Founder & CEO of The Natural Nipple to discuss holistic health & the benefits of meditation practices!

Pretzel Kids

A mindfulness and movement yoga curriculum, Pretzel kids offers fully immersive training for those who want to teach and the ability to find yogis in your area!

  • A portable curriculum - Classes are offered across the US, here you can find a yogi near you to get started!
  • Robyn’s holistic approach - Teaching children mindfulness allows individuals to develop necessary tools at a young age. Pretzel kids specialize in K-6 schools and children between the ages of 3-14. 
  • Flow and grow - Different age groups have different types of curriculums. These courses are designed to keep your child engaged with a developmentally appropriate approach.
  • Mindfulness-made approach - Techniques based around mindful movements, breath work, meditation & visualization. 

Benefits of yoga for you & your Little one

Yoga is not just for adults. This platform helps kids practice mindfulness on a level they understand. 

  • Manage anxiety - Breathing exercises coupled with relaxation can help children learn how to manage stress, an important skill that will help them into adulthood. 
  • Feel better in your own skin & boost self-esteem - Yoga is a journey of personal empowerment. Refining and achieving a specific pose can boost confidence that will carry through to other activities. 
  • Develop strength & flexibility - Use your body in a new way, poses help refine coordination and build muscle groups not often used in standard play.
  • Develop concentration & memory - Curriculum based around helping children to focus, this skill can directly translate to the academic setting. Specific movements also help kids center their focus on one thing, improving memorization skills.
  • Mind-Body Connection - Achieve a sound mind and body. Yoga functions as a tool to allow children to release the pressures within the mind while exercising the body. 
  • Grounding - life moves at a fast pace, children practicing yoga learn how to manage worry by helping them to focus on the things around them rather on negative thoughts and feelings

Mindful Methods of Breathing

Sometimes kids just need a little more help on how to properly take a deep breath. Breath work can help in calming children while building social-emotional skills.

Here are some fun breathing exercises to try:

  • Hot Air Balloon - Sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position, start by cupping your hands around your mouth. Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly start to blow out through your mouth, growing your hands outwards in time with your exhale as if you are blowing up an enormous hot air balloon. Once your balloon is as big as it can be (and you’ve finished your exhale), breathe normally as you sway gently from side to side admiring your big beautiful hot air balloon as it soars through the sky. This long deep exhalation as you blow up your hot air balloon has a relaxing effect and the image is incredibly vivid for kids’ imaginations.
  • Dragon Fire Breaths - interlace the fingers underneath the chin. Inhale and lift the elbows up to frame the face. Exhale, lifting the head up making a whispered ‘hah’ sound towards the sky, like a dragon breathing fire. At the same time, lower the elbows back down to meet at the bottom again by the end of the ‘hah’ exhale. This breath technique builds strength and heat within so it is a good energizer. It helps us feel brave when we might be nervous or pepped up when we’re a bit tired.
  • Bumble Bee Breaths - Sitting comfortably with your legs crossed, breathing in through your nose, then with fingers in your ears hum out your exhalation. The lovely comforting resonance of this has a calming effect and done with eyes closed can make it even more peaceful.
  • You can find more breathing activities here

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    A Movement for Mom’s Mentality 💭

    A Movement for Mom’s Mentality 💭

    “We aren't meant to do life alone. ” - Danielle Hobson, Founder & CEO of A Timeout With Mom! This platform is a service marketplace for moms and their mental health providing access to professionals and a diverse community giving you the ability to share stories, bring awareness and connect with others!

    Meet Danielle!

    85% of moms don’t think society understands or supports motherhood. Danielle realized this gap in industry, and a lack of support for herself as a mom during the not-so-glamorous moments of motherhood so she created A Timeout with Mom.

    • Born from Danielle’s love of storytelling - she wanted to give people a safe space to share their own stories without judgement.
    • Share, Learn, Connect & Grow - sharing stories is the foundation of making the world a better place, giving you the sense of belonging - know you're not alone!
    • Everybody deserves the chance to access professional help - A Timeout with Mom provides easy and seamless help, meet their professionals!

    A Timeout With Mom - Mental Health & Well-Being isnt Something that just “Happens”!

    Wanting all moms to have the opportunity & access to help. This platform is creating conversations around shared stories, shared experiences, education, and access to professionals, all in one place.

    • You don’t have to be a writer to submit a story! The site has an interview aspect that allows you to talk through experiences to form a story. 
    • Built from four values - 
      • Acceptance - Shared stories break down stigmas and make us feel less alone in a time when people feel more alone than ever. 
      • Belonging - Forums that create friendships built around shared experiences 
      • Education - Professionals sharing content on the specific needs unique to moms help us grow day by day
      • Access - Find and book appointments with professionals like nutritionists, therapists, and doctors. 

    Changing the Conversation about Mental Health

    Often a topic pushed aside and brushed off, A Timeout with Mom is breaking the surrounding stigma and celebrating authenticity.

    • Take a few - Depression is twice as prevalent in women as in men & often as a mom you're left with no time and energy for yourself. With psychological resources depleted,  It’s important to take the time to focus on you. Burnout is real, take five and:
      • Find things you love doing or try something new
      • Meditate 
      • Journal about your day 
      • Listen to a podcast or audiobook 
    • There’s a story in all of us - Parenting is hard, find stories on identity, loss, new beginnings & so much more. 
    • Through the best & worst parts of motherhood - Join the community to share and find stories by moms or join as a professional to help others! 

    To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our Podcast

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    The ‘Itch That Rashes’ – Surviving Baby Eczema

    The ‘Itch That Rashes’ – Surviving Baby Eczema

    "There are several types of eczema. Atopic dermatitiscontact dermatitisdyshidrotic eczema and seborrheic dermatitis, also known as “cradle cap” in infants, are the most common types that affect children. Eczema, especially atopic dermatitis, often appears in the first six months to 5 years of a child’s life." National Eczema Association Luckily, eczema is not contagious. It won't spread to the rest of the family.

    Not to worry, you are not alone in this! So many parents struggle with caring for a baby that suffers from eczema. Whether your child has been dealing with this irritating skin condition for a while, or is newly diagnosed, we've got some helpful tips on how to cope!

    There is not a permanent cure for eczema yet, but because it is usually brought on by environmental irritants, we can learn how to successfully manage flare ups. Getting to know your child's symptoms and triggers is the best way to get a flare up under control.

    Common triggers include dry skin, infection, heat and sweating, and allergens such as pet dander, pollen or dust. Known skin irritants like detergents, soaps, solvents, acids, adhesives and wood dust can also cause eczema to flare up. Break outs often become worse in the winter when the air is drier.

    Saliva from drool often causes irritation on baby's cheeks, chin and neck. Keeping baby clean and moisturized is a constant battle, but super important for healthy skin.

    The trick to prevent skin irritation is to incorporate eczema care into your child's daily routine. Creating a daily bath time routine with warm water, hypoallergenic cleansers and gentle drying, followed by a safe moisturizer cleans skin and soothes painful irritation.


    To soothe baby's skin, it's important to use products that are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. The E-7 Collection was created to help calm eczema outbreaks in young children. It has been recognized by the National Eczema Association and awarded the Seal of Acceptance.

    This collection of fragrance-free products offers eczema care for the whole family, with bundles for baby, bottom and family care. It is dermatologist and pediatrician-tested to ensure every product is appropriate for children and those with sensitive skin.

    The E-7 Collection will safely take baby through their daily cleansing routine.

    Ultimate Ointment - This fragrance- and steroid-free, over-the-counter (OTC) product helps soothe “the itch.” Developed for eczema and diaper rash, as well as cracked, ultra-dry, and chapped skin. Active ingredient Zinc Oxide helps protect and enhance the natural healing process. Natural anti-inflammatories, bisabolol and allantoin, help to reduce redness and inflammation.

    Newborn 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash - High moisture formula nourishes and conditions delicate skin and hair. Calming formula rebalances skin's pH; provitamin B and vitamin E keep hair healthy and shiny.

    Extra Gentle Shampoo - High-moisture, low-suds formula with mild surfactants (bubbling agents). Gently cleans hair and hydrates the delicate skin on the scalp.

    Soothing Body Wash - Low suds formula soothes tender skin with allantoin leaving it soft and clean. Mild enough for daily use; can be used on newborns and babies with eczema-prone and sensitive skin.

    Super Soft Lotion - Daily care is key for healthy skin – morning and evening routine recommended; moisture maintenance for chronic itchiness helps to avoid the onset of irritation. Mild, fragrance-free formula hydrates compromised skin helping to improve its natural barrier function.

    Play-Day Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 - Mineral-based actives provide a protective layer between the sun’s potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the skin. Antioxidant-rich, highly moisturizing formula offers relief to dry, itchy skin. Hydrating shea butter formula goes on easily and does not leave a white residue. Reef-Friendly, PABA-Free with Non-Nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.

    Ultimate Cleansing Cloths - Luxuriously thick, petal-soft cloths are soaked in a mild, fragrance- and alcohol-free, plant-based, no-rinse solution consisting of gentle cleansers and nourishing moisturizers, leaving skin clean and supple. Soothes and hydrates skin with vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile.


    To learn more about Noodle & Boo, visit

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    (Not so) Seamless Bottle to Breast Transitions 🍼

    (Not so) Seamless Bottle to Breast Transitions 🍼

    Join us with Amanda Shi-Werts, mother of premie twins and founder of 10|12 Baby Lounge as she shares her experience with daily 'latching fights" & navigating motherhood out of the NICU. 

    Meet Amanda!

    As a fashion designer, she changed directions to what she loves doing most, creating conscious baby products for new moms!

    • Where it all started - She found that reading to her twins, Chloe & Iggy, was a good way to get them to fall asleep! Amanda created empowering bedtime stories vibrant with positivity that let their growing minds fill with thoughts of anything possible!
    • The meaning behind the name - Derived from Dr. Harvey Karp's beliefs that babies are born too soon, yes you read that right! 10 to 12 relates to the fourth trimester where babies get acquainted with their new world outside of the womb.
    • About 10 to 12 Baby Lounge - Wanting to create a brand that mimicked that warm, safe environment, she created a brand that makes luxury materials durable for everyday use!
    • Back to Bedtime - The stories she told her twins are now translated onto baby blankets that are consciously sourced & ethically produced with your baby's skin in mind! 
      • Machine washable fabrics
        • Cashmere
        • Organic cotton
        • Peruvian cotton
      • No Dyes
      • Hypoallergenic 
    • Downloadable stories that foster connection - With the help of our cast of animal characters that feature on their range, you can use stories to lull your child to sleep and help stimulate their senses. Each blanket has a story & Amanda made it possible to share it with your little ones! 

    Nobody Plans to Have Premies

    Amanda shares her journey with premature twins and the struggles surrounding her 21 day NICU stay + battles she faced after leaving the hospital.

    • NICU Experience 
      • She was in shock upon arriving at the hospital. With her water breaking early and her son not wanting to come out, she had a cesarian delivery.
      • Her daughter only weighed 3lbs and 12 ounces, both were too small to breastfeed, so Amanda pumped every three hours to keep up her milk production to nourish her twins!
    • The hardest part was after leaving the hospital- After being in the NICU for 21 days just learning to feed, Chloe & Iggy got used to bottle feeding and didn't want to take the breast to feed.
      • Commonly referred to as nipple confusion, 92% of parents experience this problem once introducing standard bottles.
    • Looking for Solutions- “We would struggle a half hour to an hour just to feed”
    • Amanda struggled with latching frustrations & it took months for her son to latch. She tried a lactation consultant three to four times a week along with nipple shields.
    • Breastfeeding hurts - after months of not being able to nurse her daughter, Amanda was left with what many mothers struggle with, sore & cracked nipples. 
    • You’re not alone - through our research at The Natural Nipple, especially for moms of multiples of premature babies all have this experience, bottles aren’t designed after you, and milk flow at different stages of development. If they don't have a little resistance while feeding from a bottle when introduced to breast they don't have the patience to work a little extra for their milk. 
      • This works both ways, moms going back to work when introducing a standard bottle, baby refuses or they get used to the bottle and again … nipple confusion occurs!

    The Reality, It's Not Easy:  How Are We Aiming to Fix the Problem Caused by Standard Bottles?

    • The Natural Nipple aims to promote breastfeeding for longer, empowering women on their journey & optimizing wellness to create a healthier generation!
    • The Industry - In nearly 200 years, there was no push for CEOs to change the way they have created bottle nipples, yet there was a huge disconnect transitioning baby from breast to bottle, vice versa!
    • How are we different - we’ve created the only bottle that mimics a mothers’ unique shape, feel & flow bringing continuity between breast & bottle!
      • lactation rates - Not only are we mimicking a mother’s breast, we also send you an updated bottle & nipple to match your milk production as your baby grows!
      • 1st bottle that comes with healthcare built in - our goal is to make healthcare accessible with our telehealth services, lactation consultants & primary care providers to help reach any goal!
    • Our LatchMatch™ Technology - we started by 3D scanning women's breasts before and during breastfeeding. Using this data, we developed a predictive engine to match mom’s natural nipple, shape, feel and flow based on 2 simple measurements & your baby's age!

    Get sent emailed updates as we arrive closer to launch or preorder now!

    A Premier Gift for your Little One

    10 to 12 Baby Lounge lets you connect with your child as they are wrapped in the softest fabric on earth, leaving you with a clear conscience!

    • The perfect gift for baby showers
      • Baby blankets & toys
      • Gift sets 
      • Shoes
    • Amanda has extended her luxury line introducing: toddler essentials,  growing with your little one to four years old!

    To watch, visit our Youtube, to listen, visit our Podcast!
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    Nursing for Modern Mothers 🍯

    Nursing for Modern Mothers 🍯

    Join us today with Sarah Kallile, Founder & CEO of Lunnie, a community-led brand that is creating a pretty and powerful postpartum for modern mothers! No two breastfeeding journeys are alike which is why our companies are listening in to what moms have to say in order to make better products that work for you! 

    Meet Sarah!

    As a mother of two young girls, she has had first-hand experience with clunky & uncomfortable nursing bras. She knew she had to make a change!

    • Where it all started - In hopes of finding a bra that wasn’t as bulky and unflattering as her current ones, she set out on a journey to find a new one. 
    • The good, bad, & ugly - from a marketing background, Sarah was shocked when she saw the limited options for nursing bras online. All of which were unflattering and unsupportive, expensive, and overall not fitting to women's bodies and their everyday life! 
    • It’s not just you...nursing bras are ugly, but Lunnie is set to be the change - Sarah turned to other moms while still struggling to find a better option, so in the midst of the pandemic, she began her research on what moms really needed and how she can cater to women of all sizes!

    How is Lunnie Different?

    Moms shouldn’t have to alter their style just because they don’t have access to a comfortable and stylish bra!

    • The norm - The fit of most nursing bras doesn’t mimic the shape of a typical underwire bra, but typical bras do not support the needs of breastfeeding mothers. Despite a lot of nursing bras being functional, most are lacking style and comfort. 
    • Reinventing - breastfeeding moms wear a nursing bra, often 24/7, but there’s a huge problem - 84% of moms are dissatisfied with their options. Lunnie is the perfect solution combining chic style with data-driven comfort designed to provide support, shape, and style while also absorbing leaked breastmilk… we’ve all been there! 
    • A community-led brand- not only making products but launching a movement to support mothers in areas where they are underserved! Lunnie Hive is a place where your voice is heard and you can find resources on advice from first-time moms to navigating postpartum because no two pregnancies are alike!

    Pregnancy, Postpartum & So Much More 

    There is a lot to think about when having a child, and not everything can be prepared for in advance! 

    • Every mom has a unique postpartum and breastfeeding experience, so it is difficult to cope in situations where you feel alone.
    • Catering to your needs - 85% of moms don’t think society supports or understands motherhood. We are here to be that change!
    • A universal pain point - many moms feel as though no one prepared them for what was to come after giving birth; the loneliness and lack of support can be detrimental when all of the attention is on your newborn. 
    • The Lunnie Hive is Lunnie’s community of moms dealing with similar issues. It is a safe space to share stories, lessons, and advice with moms all around the world!
    • This diverse group of women offers a wide range of tips & tricks, but one thing remains: feed is best, whether you breastfeed, formula feed, or are past this stage, Lunnie Hive strives to be inclusive creating a better solution for postpartum moms! 

    The Gap in the Industry - What Moms Really Need

    Breastfeeding methods and products haven’t changed much over the last 200 years. Science is evolving every day, so why isn’t breastfeeding?

    • One of the biggest problems The Natural Nipple and Lunnie have observed is the stigma around breastfeeding in public. 
    • We are listening - The Lunnie bra makes it possible to nourish your baby the way you want to while also going about your days as usual. 
    • Only the best - become a Lunnie insider for exclusive prelaunch access & updates | Preorder The Natural Nipple Latch Match Unit or starter kit, customized to your baby's needs!

    To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our podcast

    November 08, 2021 — Lauren Wright
    How to clean your baby's bottle & nipple 🍼

    How to clean your baby's bottle & nipple 🍼

    How to keep harmful bacteria away from your baby and clean your bottle and nipple!
    October 23, 2021 — Lauren Wright
    A Pumping Game Changer 💦

    A Pumping Game Changer 💦

    Join us with Adriana Vazquez, Co-Founder & CEO of Lilu, an innovative company creating a more comfortable way to pump for your little one with a gentle & effective massaging bra! 

    Meet Adriana!

    Building a brand that makes it easier for mothers to pump & feed their little one. 

    • Where it all started - Adriana started with research on how technology can be used to make pumping easier. When interviewing & surveying pumping mothers she found one primary pain point was if they were producing enough milk to nourish their baby!
    • Asking the experts - Adriana then partnered with lactation consultants on how to solve pumping problems mothers are facing!
    • Rediscovering & relearning how to breastfeed - shifting from a formula fed generation to mixed feeding with breast milk, Adriana created Lilu to lower the stress and anxiety around breastfeeding by making a better pumping bra that works with your body and helps produce breast milk more efficiently:
      • Standard breast pumps often do not provide the compression that is recommended by lactation experts while only providing suction. Because pumps don’t mimic breast compressions, many moms end up having to supplement their pumping sessions with breast massage, making the entire process much more complicated and difficult than it needs to be.

    The Magic Inside the Bra

    • Massage Cushions - Perfectly mimics massage motions recommended by lactation experts.
    • Rechargeable Controller - Turns the massage on and off and adjusts massage levels.
    • Hands-free bra - Best bottle support; wear it alone or clip it onto your nursing bra. Here’s a guide on how to pick the right size & order the Lilu Massaging Bra!

    Massage Can Make Such a Big Difference?

    Breast massage is a method that puts pressure on the milk glands, causing them to release more milk and increase milk flow. By gently squeezing their breasts, moms are able to pump more successfully.

    • Health benefits for Mom
      • Alleviate engorgement & eliminate pain - the Lilu bra prevents clogged ducts & mastitis
      • Healthier milk - Pumping with breast massage: emptying the best better, then creating milk that is richer in fats and nutrients 
        • With many breast pumps, you're not emptying the breasts properly and only about half, not triggering the next cycle of breast production 
      • More efficient - on average moms expressed 1-2 ounces more every pump session.
      • Hands-free for busy moms & moms of multiples - giving back your autonomy 
        • The first hands-free pumping bra that mimics breast massage to help you express more milk in less time. So you can spend more time with your baby and, most importantly, you.

    To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our podcast.

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    Building Baby's Brain Through Touch 💆‍♀️

    Building Baby's Brain Through Touch 💆‍♀️

    Join us today with Elina Furman, Certified Infant Massage Instructor & Founder of Kahlmi - The first handheld massager for babies. The first bonding tool of its kind, Kahlmi helps connect families using touch and vibration as a therapeutic aid to facilitate an interactive bonding experience! 

    Meet Elina!

    A Mother, Certified Infant Massage Instructor & CEO, Elina wears many hats like most moms!

    • Tired as a mother - Struggling the first few years as a new parent, her oldest struggled with colic leaving Elina feeling ill-prepared for the many challenges as a first-time mom.
    • Connect not distract - While working from home as a busy magazine editor she realized efforts were being put into distracting her children rather than bonding with them. 
    • Infant massage - At the hospital she learned all about baby milestones, skin-to-skin, and nursing, but no one ever mentioned the benefits that infant massage presents to both her and her baby. 
    • Dreams into a reality - Baby massage has been practiced for centuries around the world, so why don't more families know that it's the best and most natural developmental tool at their disposal? Using soft percussion and massage, Elina’s goal was to create something safe, low-vibrational, and specifically customized to the baby's smaller anatomical scale. 
    • Scaling success as a full-time mom - Writing over 25 books by the age of 30 including:

    What is Kahlmi?

    This handheld infant massage tool is designed for ages 1 month to 12 years old & provides surprising physical and emotional benefits!

    • Mission - Kahlmi aims to give parents the tools they need to take an active role in their child’s emotional, social & neurological development
    • This rechargeable, antibacterial, waterproof device uses gentle vibrations and light pressure to soothe your baby to sleep. 
    • When should I massage my baby? Wait at least 45 minutes after feeding, reading body language to determine if your child would enjoy bonding time with touch. 
    • How often should I massage my baby? You know your child best! A newborn may enjoy a daily massage, a toddler might use massage to relax and sleep at night. 
    • Getting started: 
    1. Create a calm atmosphere
    2. Stay relaxed & control your movements ensuring pressure is not too hard
    3. Watch to see your baby's response 
    • Join their waitlist to receive an early bird special & be notified when Kahlmi launches! 

    Physical Benefits of Kahlmi

    Infant massage has been known to be beneficial for years, but not enough modern mothers are educated about how much of an impact it can make on their baby!

    • Colic
      • Many babies experience colic as infants, and this is just one of the many problems Kahlmi addresses with massage to soothe babies and children's digestive tracts. 
    • Constipation 
      • Many parents know that there are several different methods to eliminating constipation, but Elina has combined her background as an infant massage instructor to teach parents unique digestive massage techniques on her TikTok
    • Latching Frustration
      • Babies tend to hold a lot of stress in their arms and shoulders, and this can be problematic when breastfeeding. 
      • Elina found helping infants relax in massage produces a better latch and a much easier time nursing.
      • Our infant feeding system is designed to mimic the shape, feel, and flow of mom’s breast, so preparing your baby with a massage and then nourishing with The Natural Nipple bottle can soothe your baby, making latching noticeably easier!
    • Infant massage may also help stimulate:
      • The circulatory system
      • Hormones & the immune system 
      • Coordination & balance 
      • Muscular development & growth 
      • Mind & body awareness

    Emotional Benefits of Kahlmi

    Kahlmi has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and sleep struggles!

    • Reducing Anxiety
      • Since the beginning of the pandemic, children have been experiencing anxiety at a much higher rate.
      • Massage (especially before bed) is a great way to release the stress and anxiety from your babies and kids at the end of the day. 
    • Improved Sleep Patterns Sleep Struggles
      • Many infants struggle to fall asleep, especially ones who experience colic. 
      • Massaging your baby at night is the most beneficial way to soothe them to sleep. Not only are you spending time with them building a bond, but you are also preparing them to sleep through the night so they can have energy in the morning!
    • Emotional Connection and Bonding 
      • Human touch and connection from day one of your baby’s life are crucial to healthy development! With the help of Kahlmi, you can get your baby to sleep faster and reduce stress anxiety at the same time. 
    • Chemical Release
      • Not only does Kahlmi benefit your baby physically and emotionally, but infant massage also releases several chemicals that are beneficial to your baby.
      • Dopamine - When receiving a massage, your infant’s brain releases dopamine, giving them pleasure and happiness! This feeling eliminates stress and anxiety. 
      • Serotonin - Along with happiness, serotonin also provides benefits to sleep and digestion, as well as helps babies and kids focus better!


    To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our podcast!

    October 09, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
    Building Bonds Through Storybook 💤

    Building Bonds Through Storybook 💤

    Join us with Francisco Cornejo, the Co-Founder & CEO of The Storybook app! Storybook helps your little one fall asleep, ease discomfort & connect with them via massages, stories, and music! 

    Meet Francisco!

    • A father of two - he and his wife came up with the idea of Storybook about five years ago after struggling to get their own children to sleep as infants & toddlers and saw it as an opportunity to take 5 minutes daily for presence, touch, and story.
    • When Fransisco’s wife, Daniela, was studying infant massage, she began trying it on her own children and was amazed at the benefits. Not only were her kids getting to sleep faster, but she noticed a great reduction in colic and respiratory issues!

    About the App: Helping Kids Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep 

     Storybook is a screen-free app which combines guided infant massages, narrated bedtime stories, and relaxing music to help parents get their children to relax, fall asleep and enjoy a bonding moment. It is endorsed by The Family Sleep Institute and early studies have shown improvement in sleep latency, sleep quality, and parent-child bonding.   

    • We learned they offer more than 60 fun stories to choose from, and a unique massage paired with each one- musical, reflexology, meditation, relaxation!
    • You can make customizable profiles created for your child according to their needs & likes. Simply select a story, follow the massage instructions on your screen, and watch your little one drift to sleep 4 times faster. 

    Physical Benefits of the App

    1. Gut Health- stimulate the digestive system, eliminating abdominal pain & gas.
    2. Eliminate muscle pain naturally 
    3. Stimulate their respiratory system
    4. Development is key- avoid fatigue & improve the motor system 

    Emotional Benefits

    1. Promote deep sleep & reduce nightmares 
    2. Reduce stress in you & your child. 
    3. Increase and strengthen your child's self-esteem & efficiency.
    4. Improve mood & home environment.
    • Pandemic problems- Many children have reported experiencing self-confidence issues, uncertainty, and anxiety since the pandemic began. 
    • In the last year and a half, the rate of anxiety in children has heightened- dedicating ten minutes of your day to your child before bed is an amazing way to connect with them and soothe them to sleep.
    • Success rate- Families have become 89% more connected since using Storybook and 80% of children sleep better!

    What Makes Storybooks Different?

    The most important thing when using Storybook is to create a relaxing and distraction-free environment where parents and kids can be comfortable. Dimmed lights and no noise help a lot.

    • In comparison to other anxiety-soothing apps, Storybook is different. There is no screen-time required, and the experience emphasizes bonding.
    • Take 10 - By dedicating just a couple of minutes per night to your child, many parents feel grateful for how much closer they’ve become. 
    • Recommended by experts- backed by companies like the Family Sleep Institute!
      • “The Storybook app helps families simplify the bedtime routine process and makes evenings calming and enjoyable for parents and children [..] it’s a win-win!.”- Becky Roosevelt, Vice President of Family Sleep Institute 
      • “The Storybook app helps parents create a consistent bedtime routine that is easy to incorporate into their evening so families can connect…” - Deborah Pedrick, Founder & President of the Family Sleep Institute

    To download the app from the App Store, click here!

    To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our podcast!

    September 25, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
    Ask a Specialist: Keeping Kids Busy While Working From Home 💻

    Ask a Specialist: Keeping Kids Busy While Working From Home 💻

    Join us today with Holly Homer! She started a blog by accident 11 years ago that turned into a hobby & paved the way for her dream entrepreneurial adventure. 

    Meet Holly!

    • A mother of three, Founder & CEO of Kids’ Activity Blog & Entrepreneur! 
    • Where it all Started - Discovered by accident 11 years ago, Kids’ Activity Blog has become a success, a place where you can find fun activities for all ages. Her page also features resources for parents, educational tools, and easy DIYs for every lifestyle! 
    • Co-Author of best sellers
    1.  101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!
    2. The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments
    3. 101 Kids Activities that are Ooey, Gooey-est Every
    • Obsessed with algorithms you can find her speaking, teaching, and coaching - how to turn your blog into an empire!

    Bringing Traditional Play Back!

    Traditional play has many benefits for children helping them to be successful as they grow, including social skills, motor skills, problem-solving, and emotional development! 

    • When Holly reminisced about her childhood, it looked much different than her kids’ life. She remembered spending hours outside each day and never being bored. She knew she needed to integrate more of this into her sons’ lives, so she began thinking of creative ways to entertain them. 
    • Bringing them to the park each morning was the catalyst to her blog. She soon began creating hundreds of other activities that her sons loved, and she knew she had to share them! 
    • Kids’ Activities Blog has thousands of free ideas to entertain your kids from five-minute crafts to easy hairstyles, to homemade escape rooms! 

    Hands-on Learning Through Play 

    Little learners are more likely to learn & remember things through play. Being a big champion of fun, Kids Activity Blog features thousands of educational activities for your little one!

    • Learn colors, letters, numbers & shapes -The foundation for success!
    • Alphabet - Worksheets, spelling words, & sight word activities!!
    • Reading - key to reading level development, these activities make reading fun!

    Out of This World STEM Activities!

    Science experiments allow kids hands-on experience building fundamental science concepts with things around the house! All safe to conduct indoors, Kids’ Activity Blog makes it easy to find projects like:

    • Building a volcano: Learn how to create an explosion outside with just a plastic water bottle and dirt. 
    • What is surface tension? This activity will teach your little one how and why objects can be water-resistant as well as how certain bugs can balance on droplets of water! 
    • Learning About Germs! This one will educate your kids about bacteria and how to avoid it. 

    The Importance of Busy Kids

    For moms' mentality & your child’s engagement, keeping busy is a balance & we’re here to make it fun!

    • “As a mom with a toddler and a breastfeeding baby, life can definitely get pretty chaotic.” - Holly
    • Using some of the activities on Holly’s blog is the perfect way to keep your older one busy while nourishing your little one. 
    • Our product, The Natural Nipple bottle, is surprisingly similar to Holly’s blog in terms of convenience and stress-relieving!
    • With The Natural Nipple infant feeding system, a friend or family member can easily feed your infant with our bottle with ease as the shape, feel, and flow will be identical to yours.
    • Take on a science experiment with your toddler while your little one is nourished by a family member. 

    Activity Bucket List:

    Our favorite activities by age & for the whole family to enjoy!

    Family Friendly 

    1. Indoor Camping - featuring a fort in the family room complemented by smores!
    2. Movie Night in the Backyard- pop the popcorn!
    3. Baking- What better way than to bond over sweets!
    4. Create an obstacle course- developing motor skills and confidence!
    5. Host a talent show- singing, dancing, bring it on 

    Spooky Season Activities 

    Halloween is around the corner, here are some of our fall DIY favorites!

    To watch, visit our Youtube, and to read, visit our blog

    September 20, 2021 — Lauren Wright
    Switching Between Breast & Bottle Made Easy 🙏

    Switching Between Breast & Bottle Made Easy 🙏

    A self paced tutorial to reduce colic, latching frustration, and help new parents and babies get more sleep. 

    Imagine being able to enhance lifelong development from the day a baby is born, with nature’s first, free & accessible life vaccine? Simply put, breastmilk helps makes a super babies-but breastfeeding is rarely easy 🤱

    The team of researchers at The Natural Nipple shifted focus to address the source of the problem—helping parents overcome the barriers breastfeed, which is rarely easy. Most described their bonding experience interrupted by a screaming baby with colic the biggest problem parents described was difficulty switching between breast and bottle. 

    After 4 years of research and 3D scanning lactating mothers breasts, the team of researchers at The Natural Nipple have developed the only infant feeding system for all three factors of natural breastfeeding for optimal feeding success.

    September 14, 2021 — Lauren Wright