Ask a Specialist: Keeping Kids Busy While Working From Home 💻

Ask a Specialist: Keeping Kids Busy While Working From Home 💻

Join us today with Holly Homer! She started a blog by accident 11 years ago that turned into a hobby & paved the way for her dream entrepreneurial adventure. 

Meet Holly!

  • A mother of three, Founder & CEO of Kids’ Activity Blog & Entrepreneur! 
  • Where it all Started - Discovered by accident 11 years ago, Kids’ Activity Blog has become a success, a place where you can find fun activities for all ages. Her page also features resources for parents, educational tools, and easy DIYs for every lifestyle! 
  • Co-Author of best sellers
  1.  101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!
  2. The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments
  3. 101 Kids Activities that are Ooey, Gooey-est Every
  • Obsessed with algorithms you can find her speaking, teaching, and coaching - how to turn your blog into an empire!

Bringing Traditional Play Back!

Traditional play has many benefits for children helping them to be successful as they grow, including social skills, motor skills, problem-solving, and emotional development! 

  • When Holly reminisced about her childhood, it looked much different than her kids’ life. She remembered spending hours outside each day and never being bored. She knew she needed to integrate more of this into her sons’ lives, so she began thinking of creative ways to entertain them. 
  • Bringing them to the park each morning was the catalyst to her blog. She soon began creating hundreds of other activities that her sons loved, and she knew she had to share them! 
  • Kids’ Activities Blog has thousands of free ideas to entertain your kids from five-minute crafts to easy hairstyles, to homemade escape rooms! 

Hands-on Learning Through Play 

Little learners are more likely to learn & remember things through play. Being a big champion of fun, Kids Activity Blog features thousands of educational activities for your little one!

  • Learn colors, letters, numbers & shapes -The foundation for success!
  • Alphabet - Worksheets, spelling words, & sight word activities!!
  • Reading - key to reading level development, these activities make reading fun!

Out of This World STEM Activities!

Science experiments allow kids hands-on experience building fundamental science concepts with things around the house! All safe to conduct indoors, Kids’ Activity Blog makes it easy to find projects like:

  • Building a volcano: Learn how to create an explosion outside with just a plastic water bottle and dirt. 
  • What is surface tension? This activity will teach your little one how and why objects can be water-resistant as well as how certain bugs can balance on droplets of water! 
  • Learning About Germs! This one will educate your kids about bacteria and how to avoid it. 

The Importance of Busy Kids

For moms' mentality & your child’s engagement, keeping busy is a balance & we’re here to make it fun!

  • “As a mom with a toddler and a breastfeeding baby, life can definitely get pretty chaotic.” - Holly
  • Using some of the activities on Holly’s blog is the perfect way to keep your older one busy while nourishing your little one. 
  • Our product, The Natural Nipple bottle, is surprisingly similar to Holly’s blog in terms of convenience and stress-relieving!
  • With The Natural Nipple infant feeding system, a friend or family member can easily feed your infant with our bottle with ease as the shape, feel, and flow will be identical to yours.
  • Take on a science experiment with your toddler while your little one is nourished by a family member. 

Activity Bucket List:

Our favorite activities by age & for the whole family to enjoy!

Family Friendly 

  1. Indoor Camping - featuring a fort in the family room complemented by smores!
  2. Movie Night in the Backyard- pop the popcorn!
  3. Baking- What better way than to bond over sweets!
  4. Create an obstacle course- developing motor skills and confidence!
  5. Host a talent show- singing, dancing, bring it on 

Spooky Season Activities 

Halloween is around the corner, here are some of our fall DIY favorites!

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September 20, 2021 — Lauren Wright
Switching Between Breast & Bottle Made Easy 🙏

Switching Between Breast & Bottle Made Easy 🙏

A self paced tutorial to reduce colic, latching frustration, and help new parents and babies get more sleep. 

Imagine being able to enhance lifelong development from the day a baby is born, with nature’s first, free & accessible life vaccine? Simply put, breastmilk helps makes a super babies-but breastfeeding is rarely easy 🤱

The team of researchers at The Natural Nipple shifted focus to address the source of the problem—helping parents overcome the barriers breastfeed, which is rarely easy. Most described their bonding experience interrupted by a screaming baby with colic the biggest problem parents described was difficulty switching between breast and bottle. 

After 4 years of research and 3D scanning lactating mothers breasts, the team of researchers at The Natural Nipple have developed the only infant feeding system for all three factors of natural breastfeeding for optimal feeding success.

September 14, 2021 — Lauren Wright
Exceptional Childcare for All Situations 😍

Exceptional Childcare for All Situations 😍

Join us today with Yi-Hsian Godfrey, the CEO and co-founder of Apiari! Apiari makes it easy to find reliable childcare for any situation, whether you need a one-time sitter or an overnight nanny, Apiari has you covered!

Meet Yi-Hsian!

  • Yi-Hsian founded Apiari with her friend Ming after experiencing their own struggles finding childcare and housekeeping help.
  • They faced many challenges finding the right person to help out around their house as well as with their children.
  • One day, they spent over 20 hours on other childcare websites with no luck so Yi-Hsian soon figured out how to make childcare simple, accessible, and safe! 

Finding the Right Childcare for You:

  • Based in New York, Apiari currently provides childcare and housekeeping for the NYC area, with plans to expand to surrounding areas this year.
  • No Upfront Fees- Many parents struggle to find the right sitter for their kids, and childcare websites often require a monthly subscription fee just to look for one. We loved hosting Apiari because they're:
    • Convenient- Apiari has made it easy to find a sitter for any occasion in less than 5 minutes. They take care of you from start to finish with curated matches, interviews, booking & payment!
    • Over 1300 families have cut down 90% of the time they spend on finding and managing help by using Apiari.
    • Specialized in part-time care, while also offering full-time providers if needed!
    • Providing Peace of Mind- An application is required to become a provider as well as a background check and only around 5% of applicants are accepted as sitters so you know you can feel assured the care you're getting is qualified.

Services Offered

  • Night Nannies - night options include help with sleep training, basic lactation assistance, umbilical cord/circumcision care, general newborn care and postpartum maternal! All of the night nannies have over 5 years of newborn care experience and are CPR certified. Nightly sessions can run as short as 8 hours to as long as 24 hours.
  • Part-time & full-time sitters - these sitters have all worked with kids of the same ages as your kids, are okay to work with families with dogs and/or cat, have the availability to meet your scheduling needs, are ranked by a slew of past performance and other internal metrics!
  • Enrichment leaders - Get support for remote learning, after-school and summer activities in the comfort of your own home. These services include booking as many or as few hours as you need as well as mixing and matching lessons.

How it Works 

  • On their website simply select “Get Started.”
  • An automated system will provide you with questions so they know as much about your needs as possible!
  • After determining when you will need the service, how often, what you would like done, Apiari matches you with providers!
  • Unlike many other childcare websites, Apiari doesn’t give you thousands of options to choose from. They provide you with the most specific sitters who will be the best fit for you & your lifestyle!
  • All providers must have several years of professional experience and are monitored after every job so you always know your children will be safe!

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September 06, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
Ask a Specialist: Kickstart Your Kids’ Digestive Health 👩‍⚕️

Ask a Specialist: Kickstart Your Kids’ Digestive Health 👩‍⚕️

Join us today with Madeline Lauf, the founder, and CEO of Begin Health! Begin Health is a toddler & kid’s digestive health company with a high-quality and gentle blend designed to nourish growing toddlers’ and kids’ developing gut microbiome. Growing Up Prebiotics help feed beneficial gut bacteria, for digestive comfort, regularity, and softer stools. 

Meet Madeline!

  • Madeline founded Begin Health in 2019 after experiencing her own gut health issues.
  • She was instructed to take prescription drugs for the rest of her life and knew there had to be a better way to solve her problem.
  • After making some lifestyle changes her digestion changed for the better, read on to find a solution that may work for you and your baby too! 

What is the Gut Microbiome?

  • The microbiome is the combined genetic makeup of all of the yeast, bacteria, and fungus that happily coexist in and on our bodies.
  • Babies begin developing their microbiome from the placenta in utero. Ideally, they are bathed in a fabulous cocktail of vaginal microbiota from head to toe and then minutes later are popped onto the breast where their little guts are colonized immediately with skin to skin and the antibody, prebiotic, beneficial microbe-rich colostrum. 

Why Gut Health Is So Important!

  • During the first 3 years of life, the foundation of the gut microbiome is being laid. If this foundation-building is disrupted by severe illness or antibiotics, the child is much more likely to develop autoimmune and metabolic disorders later in life.
  • Begin Health aims to start little ones on a healthy path so their gut microbiome is strong from a young age. 
  • The prebiotic by Begin Health jump-starts your kids’ gut health so they are getting enough fiber!
  • The research that inspired The Natural Nipple is based on the gut microbiome.
  • When our Founder and CEO, Lauren Wright, was researching the gut microbiome, she realized the benefits that breastfeeding has. 
  • The Natural Nipple was to help parents continue breastfeeding as long as possible with seamless, breast-to-bottle transitions providing the freedom to nourish your baby with breast milk even if you have to be away from them at times.
  • The strains of bacteria and yeast that live on your skin are introduced to the baby once they begin breastfeeding and help to protect them from harmful bacteria that want to take up residence. 
  • If you’re worried about how to help give your little one the best start to overall microbiome health, here’s what to keep in mind: opt for a vaginal birth, if at all possible, avoid taking antibiotics while pregnant or breastfeeding, and if you’re able to breastfeed at all, every little bit is beneficial and can offset the negative effects of a C-section, formula feeding, or even antibiotic treatment. 
  • If you have had a C-section, antibiotics, or just want to see how your feeding journey is shaping your baby’s signature microbiome- we offer an at-home gut check which can be ordered here! Our microbiome insights tell you what to do now - providing peace of mind and data to understand your baby when they can't communicate with you yet.

How Begin Health Prebiotics Work

  • Step 1: Start Slowly! Adding fiber into your toddler and kids’ diet must be done slowly, to avoid any unpleasant gas, bloating, or stomach discomfort.
  • Step 2: Ensure Adequate Fluid. Mix each packet with 4-6 oz of fluids or foods such as yogurt. Water and milk are ideal, juice should be limited to no more than 4 oz per day.
  • Step 3: Adjust Dosing As Needed! The daily dose for toddlers and kids under 4 is 1 packet per day. As stated above, start with ½ a packet per day over several days before progressing to 1 full packet.

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August 20, 2021 — Lauren Wright
Ask a Specialist: Bedtime Basics Without Sleep Training 🤰

Ask a Specialist: Bedtime Basics Without Sleep Training 🤰

Join us today with Kerry Secker, an infant sleep consultant as well as the founder of her unique sleep approach, Care it Out!

Meet Kerry!

  • Kerry is a mom of three, a former Nanny, and has over 20 years of experience supporting and advising families with sleep!
  • She also hosts a podcast called Sleep Show in addition to running caring sleep sessions across the UK.
  • After helping families with various struggles they were having, she found sleep to be her most passionate area, and founded Care it Out five years ago to help families get more of it! 

Care it Out is Different!

  • What is sleep training? Typically, you increase the periods of time before soothing the baby, allowing them to cry at times and eventually fall asleep.
  • One aspect of sleep training that many parents believe is very important is creating a strict bedtime routine. While this can help, without an intuitive approach you may feel you are forcing a one size fits all solution on a very unique need for every little human.
  • A new approach- Care it Out is different as this method consists of comforting your baby when they cry while also encouraging them to sleep to the best of their ability, even if that means they don’t make it through the entire night. It asks that you reframe your expectations of what good sleep looks like. There is no rule book for parenting!  

A Holistic Approach

  • Like Kerry’s Care it Out technique, The Natural Nipple aims to address the challenges parents face when breastfeeding and bottle feeding at night with a partner, so both parents get more rest.
  • We started our cutting edge research to help eliminate the number one barrier to breastfeeding- nipple confusion, aiding in reducing colic as well
  • Our infant feeding system combats these issues because of the proprietary LatchMatch™ that pairs you with The Natural Nipple that matches your shape, feel, and flow as mom- making it much easier to switch between breast and bottle feeding!
  • While we know that there are countless benefits to breastfeeding, we know it’s not possible for every mom all the time. We are here to support families through whichever path they decide to follow. 

A Guide to Trying Any New Tool:

  • Ask yourself “Does this make sense?” The same method won’t be effective for each family; parenting isn’t one size fits all!
  • Ask yourself “Does it feel good for me?” and after trying it, evaluate “Does it make my life or my baby’s life better?” While it may be easier at times to have a clear guidebook to parenting, your unique intuition is the closest thing you’ve got!
  • If you feel as though Kerry’s services could benefit your family, visit her website and either follow one of her many E-Courses or Share Your Sleep Story for personalized advice! 

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August 07, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
Ask a Specialist: Maternal Health at Your Fingertips!

Ask a Specialist: Maternal Health at Your Fingertips!

Join us today with Jamie Kreiter, the founder, and CEO of Nurture Therapy, a group practice that provides support to women throughout all stages of their pregnancy journey- from family planning to postpartum! 

Meet Jamie!

  • As Jamie likes to say, she was born a therapist! She’s always had a passion for helping people, which led her to where she is now.
  • Jamie’s journey started when she was doing OB social work in a hospital, which introduced her to the struggles that moms experience throughout their pregnancy journey. 
  • She opened her group practice with the hope of providing moms with the support that they were struggling to find elsewhere!

The Beginning of Nurture Therapy

  • Jamie opened Nurture Therapy in NYC originally, but later moved to Chicago when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter! As a mom, Jamie is able to bring a different level of empathy to her work.
  • When she was looking for someone to take over her maternity leave, Nurture Therapy grew to become a group practice. 

Eliminating Expectations 

  • Jamie and her coworkers have noticed a lot of alignment with the stress around breastfeeding and perinatal depression/anxiety.
  • Often, when a mom is committed to breastfeeding before giving birth, and then it doesn’t work out as well as planned, she will experience depression or anxiety due to the hormonal changes such as reduced oxytocin when lacking skin to skin with latching. 
  • The Natural Nipple is working toward a similar goal as Nurture Therapy- providing moms with support and guidance through a confusing and difficult time in their life. Breastfeeding can be a long and difficult journey and with our data-driven infant feeding solution, we hope to eliminate the stress that can be associated with nursing!
  • Creating a seamless transition from breast to bottle makes it easier for parents to extend their breastfeeding journey while providing in-home, holistic tele-health support.  
  • Our comprehensive primary care triage allows us to refer to the therapists at Nurture Therapy when it is a fit. Their pressure-free approach is client-centered, acknowledging every feeding journey is unique and meeting parents where they are at. 

Healthy and Happy Moms Raise Healthy and Happy Babies 

  • Nurture Therapy’s mission is to support women and their families through all parts of the reproductive journey and strives to help moms learn how to take care of their loved ones while providing the same love and care to themselves.
  • Engaging in small acts of self-care throughout the day can go a long way!

Normalizing Therapy

  • Being a mom is difficult- from fertility struggles to postpartum depression, we know how hard you’re working to support your family.
  • Going to therapy doesn’t need to be something you're ashamed of, with everything you face each day as a mom,  asking for help is okay!

How it Works

  • Call- Jamie will lead the initial phone call with the client and figure out where they need the most support.
  • Schedule- She will then add the mom to one of her therapists’ schedules who she believes will be the most effective to the given situation.
  • Virtual visit in < 3 weeks- At this time, Nurture Therapy has managed to make waitlists obsolete! When you are going through a difficult time, you and your baby deserve escalated care. We are so grateful to be collaborating with them as a resource for new and expecting families.  

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July 26, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
The Best Brands for a Healthy Lifestyle Family ✨

The Best Brands for a Healthy Lifestyle Family ✨

Join us today with Luisa Pua, a model, entrepreneur, wife to Michael, and a mom to an adorable 3-year-old baby girl, Lana. After 12 years of working experience in Sales and Marketing in some of the top lifestyle and IT industries in the Philippines, she found the courage to start The Conscious Mama in October 2019.  

About The Conscious Mama

  • The Conscious Mama was born out of Luisa’s real-life struggles and experiences as a first-time mother, as well as all the joys and challenges that come with raising a child in today’s complex world.

Problems with Perinatal Products

  • During Luisa’s fertility journey, she struggled with several miscarriages and required white blood cell donations from Michael when she finally conceived Lana. This pregnancy became her biggest investment and she began to prepare to give her little one the best start in life by researching the best products along with her OBGYN and pediatrician!
  • As a working professional, she found it challenging to come home and get Lana to latch back to breast and bond after pumping throughout the day. Knowing the importance of breastmilk to prevent neurological, immune, and endocrine issues moving forward as well as reduce rates of anxiety and depression while boosting IQ, she becomes determined to continue breastfeeding and quit her job. After doing a cost-benefit analysis of formula costs for the first year of her baby’s life, she was relieved to find The Natural Nipple as a solution. By helping parents breastfeed for longer with seamless, stress-free breast and bottle transitions we can save families on average $1000 a year while providing peace of mind that they can nourish their baby best. The freedom to feed how you want and when you want removes the shame from balancing your profession with breastfeeding when you can come home without worrying about latching frustration and colic!

Luisa’s Process for Vetting Products

  • After going through this struggle herself and finding other clinically backed products like The Natural Nipple, Luisa had a list of perinatal pain point solvers that she had her OBGYN and pediatrician weigh in on. This led her to be more conscious about her family’s health and of course, her own well-being. She also researched how the ingredients are sourced, and how they affect our community and environment.
  • All these factors gave birth to The Conscious Mama—a brand that aims to provide natural and safe products for the whole family. Her e-commerce platform is a place to find personally tried and tested, and physician-approved tools for living a healthy, conscious life with your family, every day!

Luisa’s Favorite Product!

  • Each and every single motherhood journey will always be different—from trying to conceive a baby and taking care of yourself during pregnancy to spending precious time with your newborn and experiencing the organized chaos that ensues while raising your children. The Motherlove nipple balm was a game-changer for Luisa, and now so many parents now have access to a plant-based balm that can reduce the pain of cracked nipples and prevent infections like mastitis. The Natural Nipple community even gets a special discount: 

Use Code:NaturalNipple20” for 20% OFF all products for the month of July!

July 20, 2021 — Lauren Wright
Your In-Home Chef for Healthy and Delicious Meals 🥗

Your In-Home Chef for Healthy and Delicious Meals 🥗

Join us today with Reneta Jenik, an ex-corporate executive, mom, and founder of Foodom - the healthy, in-home meal prep service! 

Use code: NaturalNipple20 for $20 off your 1st order, valid throughout 2021!

Meet Reneta!

  • Reneta is a former AI/ML tech, product, and operation executive at Intel, SanDisk, and startups where she grew businesses from start to billions across diverse markets and channels.
  • As a busy mom, she knew there was an easier and healthier solution to feeding her family each day, so she founded Foodom! 

What is Foodom?

  • Foodom is an in-home meal prep service, connecting vetted chefs & busy families, with a mission to have personal chefs available for every household and travel rental.
  • For less than delivery, local chefs visit parents in-home 1-2 times a week to prepare healthy and delicious meals for the week, while leaving your home spotless!
  • Each meal only costs about 5-10 dollars, making this service accessible to families in the Bay Area & the greater Sacramento Area (they plan to expand to these areas this year)!

Improving Infant Health & Saving the Planet One Meal at a Time

  • Foodom is not only simplifying busy lives, but they’re reducing food and plastic waste as well by only cooking portions for each family. 
  • When grocery shopping, we often purchase much more food than needed. Foodom solves this issue by leaving several home-cooked meals at your home that are easy to access and don’t require extra ingredients!
  • Foodom not only also supports local farmers, but provides families with nutrient-dense meals that can improve the quality of breastmilk.
  • Utilizing our immune-biome analysis, we provide families microbiome insights telling you what to do now to reduce colic and fussiness- providing peace of mind and data to understand your baby when they can't communicate with you yet.
  • Some of the data-driven insights we provide encourage dietary changes to ensure your infant’s gut health improves, which Foodom’s chefs can specifically cater to!
  • Supporting early signature gut bacteria development with tailored food choices and breastmilk in the first three years of life is critical for enhanced brain, immune, endocrine, and nervous system development for the rest of your little ones’ life. 

How It Works

  • Choose- Enter your zip code and click “Get Food,” use the categories and filters to narrow down the type of dishes you like, choose the number of servings, and add the dish to the cart!
  • Book- Click on “Schedule Your In-Home Cooking Session '' with the option to have your chef buy groceries!
  • Relax- Your in-home chef will shop, cook in your kitchen & clean up.
  • When your shopping list is emailed to you, just mark what you have at home and buy the rest.
  • Enjoy a full refrigerator with tasty food and a clean kitchen for the next week!

Amazing Quality, Unique Dishes for Every Diet!

With over 285 options, here are our favorites:

  1. Butternut squash & almond flour pancakes 
  2. Vegetable spring rolls with peanut sauce 
  3. Vegan ratatouille 
  4. Braised chicken thighs with garlic, lemon & olives 
  5. Raw coconut matcha macaroons 

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What is Latch Match™ - Ease Your Breastfeeding Journey

What is Latch Match™ - Ease Your Breastfeeding Journey

Imagine being able to enhance lifelong development from the day a baby is born, with nature’s first, free & accessible life vaccine? Simply put, it is crucial for their immune system development &  lowers health risks across the board.

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally and latching can be difficult, taking time & dedication. Most describe their bonding experience interrupted by a screaming baby with colic, with the biggest problem parents described as difficulty switching between breast and bottle. Children are designed to be attracted to their mother’s breast & nipple shape, size, and length.

If a bottle isn’t designed to match mom, babies may prefer one over the other and become frustrated switching between both! This can cause real problems with the baby’s immune development as well as being able to build a bond between mother & child.

Created by Clinicians & Scientists

We set out to find the best way to eliminate this "latching frustration"- giving parents the freedom to seamlessly transition between breast and bottle and prolong breastfeeding. After 3D scanning breastfeeding mothers' nipples, we then measured their milk flow and quantity at each stage of babies’ development. 

Introducing LatchMatch™: our predictive nipple sizing technology

With this data, we developed a predictive engine to match mom’s natural nipple shape and flow based on 2 simple measurements.

As more moms use The Natural Nipple, we continue gathering valuable data- allowing us to continue to learn and develop new solutions to improve mother-baby health and bonding.

After 4 years of research,  our team of researchers at The Natural Nipple has developed the only infant feeding system for all three factors (shape, feel & flow)  of natural breastfeeding achieving feeding success! 


No More Worrying If You’re Feeding Your Child The Correct Amount 

The first step in building the foundation of a successful breastfeeding journey is to fill out our LatchMatch survey! We then match your unique nipple geometry and data driven flow rate to match your growing babies feeding demands, beautifully delivered to your door! 

How to get LatchMatched?

For this step you’ll need:

An ice cube or cold spoon

A ruler or download the ruler app on your phone


      1. To get the correct measurements, first, rub an ice cube or cold spoon on your nipple for maximum stimulation, this will mimic your shape as if you were feeding.
      2. Measure your nipples length & diameter (you may need to repeat stimulation between measurements)
      Record your measurements in our LatchMatch Survey, which will immediately deliver your custom results to add to your cart!

      We are Listening

      After 30 days, we will remind you to complete a Post Test Survey that gives us the chance to hear how The Natural Nipple bottle is working with your unique breastfeeding journey and allows us to help more families succeed in nourishing their little on best!

      Help Us Continue Our Research & Provide You With The Best Resources

      July 12, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
      Supermama: Birth & Beyond with No.1 Beta Tester & Sleep Trainer, Brooklyn Johnson 💦

      Supermama: Birth & Beyond with No.1 Beta Tester & Sleep Trainer, Brooklyn Johnson 💦

      Join us today with Brooklyn Johnson, No.1 Beta Testing Mother, Sleep Trainer, and Founder of Best Buds Babysitting!

      Meet Brooklyn!

      • Brooklyn Johnson is the mom of Raine, as well as a sleep trainer and founder/CEO of Best Buds Babysitting based in Houston, Texas
      • As one of our first beta testers for the Natural Nipple bottle she has been incredibly helpful & instrumental to our company’s mission of supporting parents on their breastfeeding journey! 

      Brooklyn’s Journey with The Natural Nipple 

      • After struggling with latching since birth Brooklyn was very skeptical about introducing a bottle to her 7 month old daughter, Raine, but after one use of our bottle she latched immediately!
      • Thinking it was just one lucky incident, Brooklyn waited several days before giving it to her daughter again.
      • A week later, she was pleasantly surprised! Raine latched onto our bottle perfectly each and every time it was re-introduced to her. 
      • Our nipples make it possible to gain your autonomy back while also nourishing your baby!

      Making Breastfeeding Easy & Accessible 

      • Pre-orders are LIVE & will be sent out September 2021!
      • The 1st step in building the foundation of a successful breastfeeding journey- Take our LatchMatch™ Survey
      • You choose your nipple shape, give us a brief medical background, and measure the length & diameter of your nipple - this allows us to match your natural maternal anatomy to a nipple that will mimic your shape, feel & flow!
      • Results are added straight to your cart!

      The Importance of Sleep 

      • The more sleep mom is getting, the easier breastfeeding is! 
      • While it is expected to lose sleep when becoming a mom, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Brooklyn helps moms everywhere learn how to keep their little one fast asleep. 
      • This not only benefits the baby, but mom’s body heals faster and becomes stronger!
      • To see services offered by Brooklyn & book, visit her website!

      To pre-order use code: BROOKLYN15 for 15% off The Natural Nipple Bottle 

      To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our podcast!

      June 22, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
      5 Things You Should Know About Labor

      5 Things You Should Know About Labor

      Join us today with Trish Ware, a labor and delivery nurse of 17 years to explain the five most important things to know before labor! 

      Over the past 17 years, Trish has developed a reputation for making laboring mamas feel empowered and confident — even if she’s not in the labor room with them. She has spent many years analyzing the literature & her own experiences in the labor room to prepare and educate mothers for a confident labor! Here are 

      1. Mindset:

      • Remove fixed expectations: When women have trauma from previous birth experiences, it is sometimes hard to let go of that. 
      • Embrace the entropy: Labor rarely goes as planned, so getting comfortable with the potential paths that can unfold is extremely important!
      • Prepare: Being educated on what’s happening to your body is important so you can make informed decisions during labor. 
      2. Advocacy boosts confidence:
      • Decide on a specific person (nurse, another mom, a doula, midwife), to ask questions when you’re beginning to feel uncertain. 
      • If you have a question or something in your body feels off, don't be afraid to talk to your provider about it. You are not meant to do this alone, and your body often knows best! 

      3. Stay at home as long as possible:

      • Stick to intuition and stay at home until contractions are less than four minutes apart for at least two hours. This is key for environmental control and less interventions.
      • At home you can dim the lights to boost melatonin, which will help make your pain threshold higher!
      4. Start with 1000 minutes uninterrupted skin-to-skin:
        • As long as complications don’t occur, holding your baby for the first 1000 minutes of their lives is vital for their neurological and microbiome development.
        • Skin contact, even with another family member, builds an immediate connection and gives your newborn a sense of safety after coming into the world.
        5. Less interventions:
        • Allowing yourself to move around freely, such as using a yoga ball to help open your hips, will also prevent the need for additional interventions if you arrive to the hospital early and are confined to a bed. 
        • Your baby’s weight isn’t going to change within a matter of minutes, so it is okay to know that you’re allowed to ask for that first 1000 minutes with your baby and wait to bathe and weigh. 

        If you need help finding a birth advocate, or want access to the mindset challenge- check out Master your Childbirth Mindseta five day interactive challenge that will change the way you view labor & birth!  

        To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our podcast!
        June 15, 2021 — Tipo Support Team
        The Interactive Storyteller for Little Learners

        The Interactive Storyteller for Little Learners

        Join us with Daniel Buelhoff, father &  founder of Storypod - a screenless interactive audio-play system that stimulates growing minds.. 

        Use our code: NATURALNIP20 for 20% off the starter set & bundles!

        What is Storypod?

        • Storypod is an loT-enabled children’s platform bringing educational audio content to life for ages 0-9! 
        • It is a “Tactile and interactive podcast for children.”
        • Kids can listen to audiobooks, play memory games, and even create self recordings! 

        Eliminating Screens for Kids!

        • The Idea for Storypod was born out of the concerns of increasing screen use in daily life 
        • Keeping kids occupied for long periods of time can be challenging, and often parents use screens as a way of entertainment
        • While screen time in moderation is okay for kids, tactile & interactive activities stimulate their growing brains even more.
        • Storypod is extremely educational and more importantly, FUN!

        A Crucial Time for Learning 

        • Ages 2-4 are some of the most important years for kids to be growing and learning. 
        • Their brains are like sponges! This generation of children are experts at using technology, so stimulating them with different activities in addition to digital games is very important. 

        To watch, visit our Youtube, and to listen, visit our Podcast!
        June 15, 2021 — Tipo Support Team